Trump will wreck NC's economy

China's retaliation against Trump's misguided trade sanctions will hit North Carolina especially hard, with targets that include pork and aircraft parts, along with 126 other products. Our state’s top export is aircraft equipment, with a total value of $1.5 billion last year. Our third largest export is animals and meat, mostly pork, valued at $553.5 million. China is North Carolina’s third largest international customer behind Mexico and Canada.

Special thanks to Thom Tillis, Dick Burr, and the Clown Car full of North Carolina GOP Congressmen. They're enabling this crap, and every person in North Carolina will suffer because of it.



Trump is a damn fool

Everything he touches turns to crap, because he doesn't have the mental capacity to understand even the basics of trade and the economy. And Republicans like Burr and Tillis are even worse, because they actually do know better, but would rather provide cover for an inept, unqualified President than try to minimize the damage he's doing.