Trump wouldn't be able to be Trump without Burr and Tillis

As an observer of North Carolina’s political landscape for many years, I find myself baffled by our two United States Senators. For all their bluster and public relations efforts, neither has done much for our state. Both have undermined the reputation of our country.

For his part, Richard Burr has the enjoyed the benefit of low expectations. Ever since he famously encouraged his wife to run to the ATM on the eve of the 2008 economic meltdown, it’s been clear that Burr’s only interest is self-interest.

Do-Nothing Burr ranks 73rd in bills co-sponsored, and has introduced not one bill of significance in his 23 years in Congress. As chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, his hands-off approach has given President Trump free rein to collude with Russia and undermine our own government on a daily basis.

Tillis, on the other hand, came into his job as Senator with high expectations. Based on his background as a consultant with IBM, many of us hoped he would be smart and effective. He has been neither. Tillis has failed to reflect the wishes of more than half of our North Carolina population, showing himself to put party before country at every turn.

Tillis and Burr, along with their Republican colleagues in the Senate, have failed for fulfill their responsibilities as a co-equal branch of our government. They have empowered an imperial presidency and refused to stand up for the integrity of our country. They are giving Trump a free ride.

No matter what you think about Donald Trump, you can't deny he is a compulsive liar. Set aside the likelihood that Trump is in Vladimir Putin’s pocket. Set aside his daily failure to comply with the emoluments clause of the Constitution. One the basis of his lying alone, the president should be condemned by men and women of good character.

The sad conclusion I have reached is that we are not being served by men and women of good character. Not in the White House. Not in the US House of Representatives. And certainly not in the US Senate.