Trumpoholics Anonymous

In this second year of Donald Trump's reign, a dangerously large number of American voters have become addicts, gobbling up his lies like crack cocaine. An intervention is in order.

The suggestions listed below are adapted from a number of classic 12-step programs. Though most such programs are religious in nature, I've chosen a secular approach. Please share with anyone you think might be trapped by this addiction.

Trumpoholics Anonymous

Step 1. Admit you are powerless to resist Trumpism.

Step 2. Recognize that you can't solve this problem alone. The goodness of the majority is needed to restore sanity.

Step 3. Accept that the goodness of the majority is not bound by geographic borders. It's bigger than any individual, even you.

Step 4. Conduct a searching and fearless moral inventory. Identify the real costs of Trumpism for yourself and your life.

Step 5. Come clean. Admit to yourself and at least one other human being the exact nature of your problem.

Step 6. Keep a list of elected officials and candidates who also suffer from Trumpism. You are responsible for helping them.

Step 7. Create a project to address your most dangerous symptoms, e.g., lying, sarcasm, cheating, bullying, bigotry.

Step 8. Make a list of everyone your behavior has harmed. The list will include millions.

Step 9. Make direct amends to those you've harmed wherever possible. Otherwise, make amends in the voting booth.

Step 10. Continue to evaluate your choices. When you backslide, admit your mistake, correct it, and forgive yourself.

Step 11. Recognize that the goodness of the majority isn't perfect. It is simply a platform on which to build a better world.

Step 12. Carry this message and practice these principles in your daily affairs.



It's more like a cult...

... rather than addiction. It requires intervention.