Tuesday Morning Action Plan

I found it inspiring to be a part of an action plan yesterday to help build support for a censure resolution against President Bush. We need to send a message to the rest of the world that our country is one of laws and we do not believe that any man is above the law.

Lighting a fire under complacent, cowering Democrats in Washington is not going to be easy and won't take just one day of phoning and emailing.

Here is today's simple action plan. We should write letters to every single Democrat and the lone Independent in the Senate encouraging them to stand with Senator Feingold.

More below the fold...

Your letter can be a very short statement encouraging them to stand up for the Constitution and the American people, or it can be a bit more lengthy. Get to your point quickly and be polite. It always helps to thank the Senator for their service to our country.

Follow this link for a list of mailing addresses for our Senators.

If you missed the phone session yesterday, please call your own Senators and ask them what their position is on the censure and let them know you support it. Call your Senator even if he or she is a registered Republican. They need to know that there is support for this as well. The above link includes a list of phone numbers. You may also email your Senator, however emails tend to carry less weight.

Talking Points:

1. This is about upholding the rule of law. The President of the United States is not above the law.

2. A warrant isn't required to wiretap a known terrorist.

3. A warrant isn't required for 72 hours to wiretap an American citizen and the FISA court has rarely turned down a warrant request.

4. The NSA wiretap program is not being attacked but the President's abuse of the program is.

Any others? Add them in the comments.

Let's get busy.



E-Mail/Webform option

On the BlueNC Action Page, Lance has collected links to the webform sites for each of our Representatives and Senators. I know that a letter is sometimes counted more, but the webforms are quicker and save us 39 cents each time.

I sent emails yesterday...

So I thought I would do my best to qualify as a stalker by sending letters today. Emails, phone calls, letters...doesn't matter...just do something. They will get the message!

Tomorrow is LTE day, so polish off those pens and get ready!

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


I did not have internet yesterday, so I missed it.

It's never too late!

Send emails today if you have time. I know it's kinda hard when you are in classes or at work. I have decided to ignore my other responsibilities this week. (I am feeding the kids and dog, but that's about it!)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

another action to take

given that i am the only nc congressional candidate(4th district) running on a platform to impeach the president, another action you might consider is casting a vote for me on may 2nd...and maybe suggesting that family, friends and neighbors do the same.