Tuesday News: Walkout


TEACHERS IN OKLAHOMA AND KENTUCKY ARE FIGHTING BACK AGAINST POOR PAY AND MISTREATMENT: Many schools will remain closed for a second day in Oklahoma Tuesday as teachers rally for higher pay and education funding in a rebellion that has hit several Republican-led states across the country. Oklahoma's three largest school districts, Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Edmond, will remain closed Tuesday to honor the walkout. The Kentucky teachers are mad because Republican lawmakers passed a pension overhaul last week that cuts benefits for new teachers. Opponents objected that the pension changes were inserted into an unrelated bill without a chance for public input, and worry that the changes will discourage young people from joining the profession.

GUN WORSHIPERS TURNING NC INTO A COMBAT ZONE: A man wearing some body armor has been shot to death following an argument in North Carolina. Media outlets report the shooting happened late Monday afternoon in Princeton, about 40 miles (65 kilometers) southeast of Raleigh. Witnesses told police there was an argument, followed by gunfire. The man was found in the road with a gunshot wound to the head. The man's name has not been released. Police Chief Tyrone Sutton said the victim's body armor indicates he had clearly tried to prepare for something before he arrived in Princeton. Sutton said the victim's brother had been in an argument earlier Monday with three suspects in the shooting and the victim arrived to help his brother when the argument escalated and shots were fired.

SEVERAL NEW BODY CAM VIDEOS RELEASED IN ASHEVILLE POLICE BRUTALITY CASE: A white North Carolina officer is shown putting a black pedestrian in a chokehold in video released Monday that offers more footage of a police beating that has sparked outrage over use of force. City officials in Asheville, North Carolina, released nine body camera videos of the August 2017 encounter — most of it made public for the first time — from multiple officers. Earlier this year, a shorter clip obtained by a newspaper sparked anger in the community and helped lead to assault charges against former officer Christopher Hickman. One of the new clips from an officer arriving as backup appears to show Hickman using both arms to restrain Johnnie Jermaine Rush by his neck. Police have previously said Hickman put Rush in a chokehold, but it was difficult to see on Hickman’s own body-worn camera that leaked to the newspaper.

GLOBAL STOCK MARKETS PLUNGE IN WAKE OF TRUMP'S TEMPER TANTRUMS: Global stock markets fell for a second day Tuesday as investors continued to fret over a looming trade war between the U.S. and China and mounting public scrutiny of technology companies. Stocks have been trending lower for weeks largely because of a series of tariffs announced by U.S. President Donald Trump and the Facebook data privacy scandal, which has raised the prospect of tighter regulation for social media and other tech stocks. In the last week, Trump has also tweeted repeatedly about his new favorite foe, Amazon, whose owner also owns The Washington Post, which has been critical of the Trump administration. U.S. technology companies are in the spotlight, notably Amazon, which posted hefty losses of around 5 percent Monday after Trump again voiced his concerns about the company on Twitter.

FLORIDA TEACHER WHO MOONLIGHTED AS WHITE SUPREMACIST COMMENTATOR RESIGNS: Florida middle school teacher Dayanna Volitich submitted her resignation after it was found she was also the host of a white supremacist podcast called "Unapologetic" and the voice behind a Twitter account riddled with racist and anti-Semitic posts. The Citrus County School District removed Volitich from the classroom while it investigated her behavior after The Huffington Post broke the story in March. Volitich, 25, taught social studies at Crystal River Middle School in Crystal River, Florida. Online, she went by the pseudonym "Tiana Dalichov." Last month, she confirmed through her attorney that she was the one speaking as Dalichov on the podcast, but said her comments were "political satire and exaggeration" and the persona was a "hobby."