Tuesday Twitter roundup

Speaking of gerrymandering...

Which is all the more reason to focus heavily on Legislative races, at least here in NC. I'm still seeing way too many Dems talking only about Congressional contests, when there are 170 NCGA seats in play this year.

No, it's not ironic, you ignorant shit-for-brains. Some of your right-wing buddies showed up at the march toting their guns, which is why those speakers needed police protection. Go crawl back under that rock and stfu.

If you've been lucky enough to avoid the ncpol feed on Twitter, you've also avoided being exposed to hundreds of Tweets and re-Tweets by the confused and neon-inspired gay Republican hotshot Peter Boykin. And this dude doesn't even have a GOP Primary opponent, so we're going to have to put up with this nonsense for the rest of the year...

Dammit, I could have said that instead of being scooped (pooped?) by Rolling Stone magazine. I need to focus more...

And another complete waste of column space. Hood has two great examples of leaders right here in NC who won't budge one inch from their positions or "constructively engage" with the other party, but nowhere in this essay are Berger & Moore mentioned. Big surprise.

Dallas is such a moron he got the classic formula reversed. Usually you lie first to see if it sticks, and then you admit to *some* involvement but declare it's not illegal. He played the legality card first, and now he's just lying about the whole thing. Dumbass.

Don't get me wrong, Louis Pate is a gun-loving, tax-hating, sole-surviving dinosaur from the late Triassic Period, but I'm thinking Tim Moore should be holding that slot...

Score another one for John Cole.

That 47% Unaffiliated is unsettling, to say the least. The Democratic Party needs to ramp up its outreach, and we need to spend more than a little money collecting data on why these people are choosing that option. It's called "killing two birds with one stone." Okay, maybe we should call it something else, but it still needs to be done. I'm tired of speculating about it.

In other words, Nelson Dollar wants to leverage the General Assembly's penny-pinching on school spending to make school boards just as conservative as county commissions. This year, some 35% of school board races will be partisan, and Republicans would love to see that at 100%. Add the tax thingie in there, and voila.

Like a broken record skipping. Any time something comes up that Trump or the Republicans did that is unethical or illegal, it's time to create a seemingly similar case against Obama or Hillary, no matter how thin the connection is. Fox News has never been a reliable source, but now they're just Cold War Pravda.

Aw, I didn't know she passed away. What a brave young woman.

This is heartbreaking:

Why is the United States separating asylum-seeking children from their parents? Kirstjen Nielsen, the secretary of homeland security, has avoided answering this question, which makes a recent lawsuit by the ACLU so important and so necessary. The suit is based on the case of a Congolese woman and her 7-year-old daughter—identified in court papers as “Ms. L.” and “S.S.”—who fled the violence in their home country, traveled to Mexico, and then crossed into California last November, turning themselves in to border agents. Ms. L. was processed and detained in an Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in San Diego, while her child was torn away from her and taken to a different facility in Chicago—2,000 miles away. They were not brought before a judge or given a chance to be heard.

Aside from the cruelty of separating a 7 year-old from her mother, why would you even do it in the first place? We've heard for years Republicans complaining about government waste, but here they are transporting this girl halfway across the country, meaning at least one Federal agent had to accompany her in the process, when they could have easily allowed them to stay together? It makes no sense, unless you're trying to make the process as frightening as you can for both of them. Which apparently they are.

On that infuriating note, here's your Onion:

You know you're an evil shit when people who don't even watch the games hate you...



Geremy crosses the aisle...

See? I'm not a total partisan hack. But I may be about 97% partisan hack...

John Hood - save this for future use

Whenever you see an op-ed by John Hood, editors always put the following byline on it:

"John Hood (@JohnHoodNC) is chairman of the John Locke Foundation."

Be sure to copy the following text and URL and paste it into the comments on any one of his op-eds or others you may see from the John Locke Foundation:

"The editors fail to mention that the John Locke Foundation is a North Carolina-based conservative thinktank founded by Art Pope. A "New Yorker" profile of Pope cited the John Locke Foundation as a key component in Pope's influence on NC GOP policy. The organization has received about 80% of its funding from Pope and several of its staff members also serve with the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council, according to SourceWatch.