Tuesday Twitter roundup

Right Congressional action, wrong target:

That's right, Mark Meadows just might be a traitor himself. Trying to impeach the Deputy Attorney General because he refuses to do what the Attorney General *can't* do, fire the Special Counsel investigating Russian efforts to subvert the American electoral process. Good lord.

This is just one more instance (out of countless others) where John Hood attempts to "normalize" an arrogant power-grab by Republicans, when what he should be doing is castigating them for using their elected majority as a tool for undermining the will of the people. Because make no mistake, we are already "selecting" our judges, this would merely narrow (greatly) the number of people granted that choice. How in the hell you could equate that with "more freedom" totally escapes me. Unless you really don't want more freedom for everybody, of course.

Yeah, and there's even less enthusiasm for Republicans amongst Millennials, but you'll never hear that from Peckerwood here.

Here's a clue for Andrew Dunn: Future people aren't going to "marvel" at how much money we spent building roads, they're going to laugh as they fly past them in their mag-lev trains...

Welp, this might be Joel's last hurrah. Maybe he can cross the aisle one more time and learn just how much Republicans despise African-Americans.

Yanno, every time Lieutenant Dan says something stupid, I get my hopes up voters will finally realize he's a demagogue and not a real leader. And my hopes are constantly dashed. I fear the only thing that will bring him down is some sort of massive corruption scandal.

Just for shits & giggles, I'm tempted to walk in there with a bow and arrows strapped across my back. And some fancy tights, of course, because appearance is important...

"That's not even ice cream, it's gelato. I hate gelato." :)

No thank you. I'd rather have toothpicks holding my eyelids open, while watching hours of violent, disconcerting visuals than peruse that crap.

Maybe I've been a tee-totaler for so long I've forgotten what it's like, but for the life of me I can't understand how people can chug several beers and expect to understand (much less speak about) nuanced political discourse. I mean, knocking the edge off is one thing, but when you get to, "No no no, thaz not righh, iz th peeple who don' showup who r controlling erything," whatever brilliant plans you might come up with usually end up being an inscrutable scribble on a napkin. But as long as you're having fun...

On that sardonic note, here's your Onion:

This is actually a real thing, trust me...



Bonus Onion:

When you've almost completely run out of distracting story lines to cover for an inept and dangerous President, croutons may be your last, best hope...