Tuesday Twitter roundup

In case you've been living under a rock:

Don't be the voter who lets "them" figure out who should run in November. You are them.

Leave it to an idiot like Dan Forest to be "impressed" by somebody whose main claim to fame is promoting professional wrestling. Ever seen that movie Idiocracy? Because we're halfway there already.

Without the removal of the Elevator Queen, that ain't going to happen.

You mean other than stupidity? Nope. Your rule of thumb is correct. The only other reason for an incumbent to do that is if there is a big-money push-back against them, as in the Wake Commissioner race.

You left out the "g," it's "impugning." And you left out your brain with the rest of that deafening dog-whistle...

Don't know about that, but it wouldn't surprise me. I do know that "pontificating" from the bench increases greatly during judicial election seasons, and most of that seems to come from conservative judges. I've "sat in" a couple of times to try and gauge just how racist sentencing is, and I've never seen such pedagogical self-promotion aside from maybe used car salesmen. Maybe.

Yeah, I've tried to explain to some of my (Liberal) friends who are advocates of cursive that this movement is more about GOP desires to wind back the clock in schools than it is a defense of proper written communications, but then I get the, "Sometimes they're right!" argument. We'll see about that when we're back to totally segregated schools and 9 year-olds working in factories and coal mines.

Not sure demonizing teachers is the best way to approach this issue...

Take notes, people:

Regardless of whether it results in legislative action — as protests did in Oklahoma and Arizona — allowing teachers a penalty-free day in Raleigh gives them an opportunity to be a part of something bigger instead of feeling isolated and frustrated at home. It's one thing for CMS Superintendent Clayton Wilcox and the school board to voice their support for employees. It's something different to show you care, especially when doing so might be inconvenient for many.

That's what a good boss does. Wilcox and the board got this one right. We hope all school districts follow suit.

See, that's how you call somebody out for a bad decision, without actually calling them out. Wake has 9 more days to get this one right.

That didn't take long:

In case you're wondering what difference closing the school makes for teachers taking a personal day: If the school remains open, they have to pay a $50 penalty to help cover the cost of a substitute. Which is monumentally stupid, as far as I'm concerned. It amounts to that teacher being a part-time employer, if you think about it, a "hire your own replacement"-type thing. Ludicrous.

Yeah, that's very romantic. In a worst-case scenario, where they stay together long enough to procreate, they can scare their grandchildren with pictures of them standing with Thom Tillis and other empty suits.

On that sad note, here's your Onion:

You know, sometimes the Onion can be right on target...



Durham voters, pay attention:

Talk about English as a second language, with the first being "Duuuuh..." Ethic takeover new? It's obvious he meant "ethnic," and it's just as obvious Sheriff Andrews is a jackass...

Now he sez it wasn't him

Andrews has apparently removed the post and the person on his campaign staff who wrote it:

Andrews denounced the post.

“I do not agree with it in any form or fashion,” Andrews said.

Andrews learned about the post this morning and had it taken down, he said.

Andrews said that one of the page’s moderators who was supposed to schedule events posted to comment. The person, one of three moderators on the page including Andrews, wasn’t supposed to be commenting on posts, Andrews said. The person is no longer a moderator and no longer part of the campaign.

Andrews said the post is embarrassing and disappointing considering he has tried to run a clean campaign and it doesn’t reflect his values.

If this had happened in a vacuum (with no other negatives), I might be tempted to remove the above post since it was not the candidate commenting. But two things: First, when there are only two other people granted admin status to your campaign page, I find it hard to believe Andrews wasn't aware of this apparent bigotry. Second, there is this ICE issue:

Two days before a primary election in which his opponent has the key endorsements, Durham County Sheriff Mike Andrews publicly rejected a call by Latino groups to stop honoring ICE detainers, saying to do so would put more people at risk.

Andrews' answer to a question posed at Sunday's delegates assembly of the N.C. Congress of Latino Organizations was not new. The sheriff has previously said he would continue to comply with federal immigration requests to hold for 48 hours people in the jail who are in the country illegally if Immigration and Customs Enforcement asks him to do so.

So the post above will stand.

Linda McMahon and Saudi Arabia

If you're on Twitter, you might ask Dan Forest why Linda McMahon's husband is cuddling up to Saudi Arabia and using the WWE to push anti-Iran propaganda to get contracts in the country.

This comes on the heels of the publisher of the National Enquirer, who has been pushing narratives for the Trump administration, arranging for a slick, pro-Saudi propaganda magazine to hit the newsstands at Walmart and grocery stores around the country.

Is Linda McMahon looking out for small business or simply using her position to line her own pockets, arranging special deals with foreign governments here?

Anyone really delved into Dan Forrest's finances lately?