Tuesday Twitter roundup

Public service announcement, to help you avoid dangerous thugs:

John Cole is one of my heroes...

"Rascals"? What is this, 1937? I don't mean to be "ageist," but dang. That caller was probably wondering why Mabel didn't help make the phone connection...

Yeah, not so sure your desire to instigate an apocalyptic war to end all wars, right in their front yard, in which only 144,000 Jews will be saved by coming to Jesus at the last moment, would be considered a "blessing" by Israelis. Just a thought.

And then of course there's this:

You are an exceptionally detestable human being, Peck.

I generally don't make fun of people's names, but that's some serious Hee-Haw material right there. "Here's Clark Twiddy, with his blockbuster hit, 'My wife got runned over and my dog ran off with my best friend.'"

**disclaimer** My dad used to make us watch that show, and it scarred me for life.

I'm trying real hard to muster up some sympathy for this person. Nope, ain't workin...

Yes. But also, no. Yes and no. You look the word "Conflicted" up in the dictionary, and it shows my picture over in the margin.

See that red rectangle right in the middle of that blue swath? Yeah, that's me. Grrrr...

Good god, since when did WRAL decide to start parroting Carolina Journal propaganda? It's "likely" Republican lawmakers would have showered teachers with money if they didn't have a Medicaid shortfall? That's a conclusion based on absolutely no historical data. What is "likely," is that GOP lawmakers would have given that $1.8 billion away in tax cuts for the wealthy, and there's reams of data to back that up. Double Grrr...

Just to be crystal clear, AJ Daoud got his ass kicked in his most recent failure, pulling a dismal 13% in the GOP Primary for NC Senate District 34. Even Bob Rucho, who sleazed his way into the District at the last minute did ten points better, and *he* got his ass kicked also.

My point with this? It appears AJ Daoud is never going away, will be running and losing campaigns until we all evolve into beings of pure energy, and cast off the trappings of corporeal existence. Okay, I may have hopped on a literary bus right there, but I can't help it. I'm a writer, and we write weird shit sometimes.

And here is first-hand evidence of *why* this teacher is a rabid Trump supporter: Fifteen minutes of fame. Like Diamond & Silk, I can think of no other reason.

And I'm still waiting for the property rights "defenders" at JLF and Civitas to speak up about the scourge of eminent domain running right through the center of the pipeline debate. Crickets.

On that hypocritical note, here's your Onion:

Once he wakes up, washes his face, and gets a Grande cup of coffee in him, he'll be back to 100% Jerk status. That's a little unfair, he might be in that sub-class who just ignores all the suffering around him by reading Investors Business Daily...