Tuesday Twitter roundup

And their turn to the Dark Side is complete:

Give me a show of hands if you could read a 267 page book the night before taking a test on it. Anyone? Bueller?

Dogs have a sixth sense when it comes to nonsense...

Yes, I agree. With one caveat. It's not an "either or," the collusion issue goes to the core of the "America First" lie that Trump ran (and won) on. When people finally understand what's going on, we will not have to worry about the rise of such a megalomaniac again. At least until Herr Trump fades from the history books and we forget. But I'll take a decade or two of back-to-reason before worrying about that future.

And whatever they come up with will either justify that second title (Ethics) or prove it's a sham. We'll be watching...

The key word there is "proposal," dingus. They are simply recommendations for the General Assembly to consider, not an edict from above.

Dude, the Army taught me 17 ways to kill a man with only a limp French Fry. Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but I will kick your ass all the way across West Palm Beach if I'm ever down there again. Because Grrrr....

Reason #38 why they crafted this Budget in secret and are now cramming it down lawmakers' throats.

So I guess everybody wants to get in on the Gerrymandering carnival ride. Are Republicans going to have a competition on who can unseat the most Democratic (or African-American) judges county-by-county, with the winner receiving an AR-15?

Great Ceasar's Ghost. The President of the United States is under investigation for colluding with a hostile foreign power, and he's using his office shamelessly to generate profits for his companies, and these idiots are worried about Hillary wearing a coat? She's probably sporting a bullet-proof vest under there, since that same corrupt President can't go three days without Tweeting about "Crooked Hillary."

On that glaringly obvious partisan note, here's your Onion:

Yeah, they're not that smart...



Late addition, hopefully a final chapter:

Just one of the many reasons you lost your Primary, Joel. "No! All of you people are wrong! Listen to me! Me me me!"

Very late addition...

Why is Gerry Mander's toilet out there in what appears to be his den, or living room, perilously close to the kitchen? But other than that seemingly reckless floor plan, I really like this gif. It's cute, which doesn't always work in politics, but in this case it just might.