Tuesday Twitter roundup

Going down the same crooked road again:

Not to mention, putting something "vague" in the NC Constitution is a recipe for a legal nightmare. But of course Republicans don't care about things like that, they thrive in an environment of uncertainty.

Which was in reference to this:

And yes, I realize just last week I raised Cain about fake Twitter accounts, but we actually need these Alt US Government sites to maintain our sanity.

Nah, if I want to be fed propaganda by the Carolina Journal, I'll put on my hip-waders and wade in at the source.

Unions rock.

Aw, isn't that special. You're engaging in "concern" trolling, wherein you seem to be sympathizing for a group of people you don't really care about, just to bolster your argument. Oh, and you're attacking those on the Left from North Carolina, but you're using a photograph of a crowd in San Francisco. Literally in another time zone. That is some silly shit, right there.

Which of course is in direct violation of the lobbying "gift" laws. Sheesh, these people are clueless...

Unfortunately, if another lawmaker on the floor is not allowed (or fails) to make that connection, such misleading propaganda will be accepted as fact. Even though nearly every elected official already knows that. Plausible deniability.

Most notable:

Instead of highlighting the report’s fatal limitation (i.e., it doesn’t tell us whether the Opportunity Scholarship program is working or not), the authors’ press release highlights the “large positive impacts associated with voucher usage in North Carolina.” Predictably, voucher advocates have seized upon this conclusion and exaggerated the report’s findings, spreading a false narrative of the program’s effectiveness. Notably, several of the organizations making these misleading claims share funding with the report’s primary funders: the John William Pope Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation.

That's how they roll. They throw some money at an institution to get a "study" done, which is already based on poor sampling and/or inappropriate techniques, and then they sift through that nonsense to develop their talking points. The ironic thing is, these same people will pontificate about academic integrity until they're blue in the face, and tsk tsk about the deterioration of "critical thinking" in our society. Look in a mirror, that's where the problem lies.

On that contemptible note, here's your Onion:

That is hilarious, but both Trump and Giuliani are stupid enough to continually say things that reflect their own shortcomings. Trump can't get three sentences out before describing himself (to the t) while insulting someone else.