Tuesday Twitter roundup

Stirring the tea leaves on November:

Sometimes a "controlled burn" gets out of hand:

One obvious missing element for those who would mobilize is the lack of a central, tangible and nonpartisan objective. Sure, it’s good to be against and respond as quickly as possible to the long and destructive list of policies that Trump and state legislative leaders have advanced in Washington and Raleigh, but it’s also extremely difficult. The proposals are numerous, ever-changing, frequently buried in a haze of confusing procedural votes, and often go from back of the envelope to law in just days.

Partisan political activity in an off-year election that lacks any high-profile statewide races can be similarly challenging.

What the GOP leaders may have not thought completely through, however, is that the effort to rewrite the state constitution may actually provide the anti-Trump forces with just the organizing tool they need. Think about it: what could be more of a Trumpian threat to democracy than to send six ill-conceived, power-grabbing constitutional amendments to the state ballot in just a few days with virtually no public input?

And make no mistake: that is precisely the reality that confronts the state after last week’s spasm of amendment writing.

With all the individual Legislative and Congressional seats in play, it may be difficult to drum up the money for a state-wide "No!" campaign. But that may be the most important investment we could make.

Already posted about this a few days ago, but I wanted to post this picture just so I could add the caption "Derp." He's usually such a happy little idiot...

Dennis Draughon just might be a genius...

Gerry Cohen has a somewhat different take:

But I'm still (deeply) concerned because the bill itself calls for specific language:

The question to be used in the voting systems and ballots shall be:
"[ ] FOR
Constitutional amendment to establish a bipartisan Board of Ethics and Elections to administer ethics and election laws, to clarify the appointment authority of the Legislative and the Judicial Branches, and to prohibit legislators from serving on boards and commissions exercising executive or judicial authority."

That's actually three amendments in one, right there. An omnibus attack on the Constitution. Every Republican who voted for that mess should be deeply ashamed.

And, as you can see, Beverly Boswell is not in that picture. Because she's not a nurse. And she will no longer be a Representative come January, either...

Don't hold your breath. Moore doesn't give two shits about trade policy hurting our exports, or anything else outside his tiny little self-interest bubble.

Lol! Yeah, when it comes to Donald Trump, who took office at the same time Roy Cooper did, all economic gains are his credit. But a Democrat? No, that credit is back-dated to before he took over. That tune is more tired than Stairway To Heaven...

Honarying? That's not a typo, that's a braino...

A lot of jibber-jabber in there about protecting ourselves from tyrants, but (of course) not a word about the current tyrant inhabiting the White House. Understand, the Declaration of Independence is a statement of principles. Had we stopped there and not established the Constitution and the subsequent Amendments to such, our nation would never have survived as anything more than a collection of city-states, which likely would have been re-conquered piecemeal until there was nothing left. Of course the government is our source of rights, because our government is "us." Without it, we would be helpless against not only foreign domination but also our own darkest natures of greed and lust for control over our fellow citizens.

On that obvious note, here's your Onion:

"Oh, you think this is hot, you should try paddling a canoe in a Louisiana bayou in early August. Now that's hot."