Tuesday Twitter roundup

Standing up for environmental justice:

We need to see something like this happening every week (or day).

Just an observation: The two worst counties, with the highest opioid abuse rates, were Lee and Stanly Counties, both big Republican strongholds. So much for that "inner city drug problem" constantly touted by the GOP...

Working hard to send Ted Budd back to Congress. With friends like this, Progressives might just want to take a short walk off an even shorter pier...

Added to the long list of things I would kick myself in the pants for if it were physically possible. I was just there a few months ago renewing my license, and when the lady asked me about Real ID, I was like, "meh, I'll do it later." Idiot.

Yeah, that's great. A bunch of entry-level distribution jobs to replace those higher-paying jobs we're losing because VF Corporation is moving its headquarters from Greensboro to Colorado. Much more "winning" like that and we'll be admired by the entire 3rd World.

Tee hee. I love Angry White House Staffer...

There's a whole lotta truth in that. That would fit the GOP's profile perfectly.

If so, that will be the shortest Legislative career ever, because Sydney Batch is going to thrash him in November. I know these things, because I was in a horrible accident with a milk truck, and when I woke up...Oh wait, that's the Dead Zone. Whatever, I still know these things.

When policy ignores reality:

According to Bivens, co-author of the EPI report, work requirement policies “reflect this idea that what keeps low-wage workers from finding steady work is their own motivation—rather than failures in the labor market and economy around them.” Indeed, Whitmore Schanzenbach, co-author of the CBPP report, says that the issue “is not really the limitations of the people [affected by work requirements]. It’s the type of jobs that they’re in.”

The CBPP report analyzed what the labor market is like for people who are most likely to use SNAP and Medicaid. This includes workers with limited formal education, especially women, and workers in specific occupations.

For this group, wages have been stagnant for decades. Job tenure is unstable, and unemployment rates are higher. Nonetheless, nearly all had worked in the previous year for at least 20 weeks.

Facts don't matter in an administration where fiction rules the day.

The Ku Klux Klan has been active to one extent or another in North Carolina for over 150 years, mainly because idiots like this have downplayed their significance. Ignoring bigotry and hatred doesn't make it go away, it just leaves marginalized people defenseless.

They hate it even more when fellow Republicans call them out, because then they can't whine about Liberal plots and such.

It's time for me to exit the ncpol feed, before the right-wing Twits lose their minds over this, time for some Onion:

Meh, it happens... :)