Tuesday Twitter roundup

Judgment day has arrived:

If you've already voted, take some time to talk to folks at your precinct. If you haven't voted yet, do that first and then talk to people.

I'm pretty sure there is no other demographic that can be so wildly different than "retired," when it comes to donations. A good half of the rich-ass donor class identifies as such, at least the wives do anyway. Who are frequently used by their rich husbands to get around the campaign limits. And then there are the fifty dollar folks (like me), where it takes a hundred of us to equal one $5,000 check. All that said, I'm for any shift to the Democrats, however slight or ambiguous that shift may be.

And if you're like me and the first thing that popped into your head was Jay F**king DeLancy, you win a kewpie doll:

Asked about whether it might be misleading to suggest photo ID could stop hackers, Voter Integrity Project director Jay DeLancy declined to elaborate.

"The Democrats think that the Russians are cheating, and Republicans think Democrats are cheating. We just hate cheating. So we wanted to stop cheaters any which way we could," he said. "I think voter ID will solve a certain type of voter fraud."

And before you ask, no, I don't know what a kewpie doll is. I'm not that old, for god's sake! It's just one of those stupid things you (and by you I mean me) say, because you've heard it before.

I don't know, looks a little bitey...

Got to be close to 500 years of experience at that table. Sorry, it was very "ageist" of me to make fun of those dinosaurs...Dammit! I did it again...

The only plausible reason such a jerk would get elected once (much less three times) is the 2011 Gerrymandering...

I have talked to at least ten different teachers that said the same thing: The roof leaks when it rains. And the evil stepsister of a leaking roof is toxic mold, which is one of the most dangerous things your kids can encounter. We must do better.

More right-wing bullshit. These idiots will believe anything.

More misleading nonsense. The "eviscerate" memo came out long before Rick Glazier took over the NC Justice Center. Also, it's a testament to your lack of substantial evidence of wrongdoing that you have to keep harping about a non-issue that happened five years ago. Give it a rest, it makes you look foolish.

Thanks for the reminder. I bought a fancy new rainjacket to break in while I'm working at our precinct today. Which has absolutely no covered areas for me to shelter under. *sigh*

On that soggy note, here's your Onion:

Yeah, I am not looking forward to it. Does that make me an "establishment" Democrat or an intrepid "change agent" Democrat? Just practicing...



Late addition from Geremy...