Tuesday Twitter roundup

No respite for the weary:

I don't even want to speculate what kind of mischief BergerMoore will get up to this time. In the past, they've always floated rumors about some heinous act of repression, and then bait-and-switched it to something (slightly) less horrible. As if playing games with our democracy is a form of recreation, as opposed to an incredibly shameful act.

I realize the concept of time might be above your head, but Tweeting about something that's about to happen in 15 minutes, even to people who are only a few blocks away, is beyond pointless. Not quite as pointless as John's lecture, but pretty close.

Not to flog a dead Joel, but let this be a lesson to other elected Democrats who would abandon their own party in some ill-advised attempt at bi-partisanship. That never works, not for very long, anyway.

Yep. Actually, it might be said that they've seen our movie...

You are not cheering me up there, Will...

Yeah, and a billionaire drug-dealer spent $5 million trying to get just one (Marsy's Law) of them passed. Where's your clever expose' about that? Exactly. Crickets.

You know, you can actually add links into Tweets, instead of telling people to Google something...

That's...not really...what is the commuter belt? The I-85 corridor? So, people who work in Raleigh and Charlotte, but live...You know what? I'm going to quit while I'm apparently way behind on this one...

Okay, I really thought I wanted to look at this, but then I saw the results from Taylorsville High School, where 67% of the students voted for Virginia Foxx, while only 21% chose DD Adams. And then I wanted to break something...

For about five seconds, McCrory showed a little bit of decency by opposing the two power-grabbing amendments. But now the idiot is back, at a whole new (low) level.

Tee-hee. :) I miss Chris' powder-dry sense of humor. Glad to see him show up on ncpol.

It will never get past the Senate, or survive a Presidential Veto if it did, but it will show America where our priorities lie. Two thumb's up.

Hate to say it, but I think we pretty much lost this fight. Of course, that does depend on "how" Republicans write the law to conform to the amendment. If they're smart, they'll take steps to make it easier to get one than it already is, and provide funding to make them as close to free as possible. Because if they don't, we'll see them in court once again.

Oh, this oughtta be good. Among his many other "bright" ideas, Ollie North thought selling weapons to Iran in exchange for getting some hostages released was a good deal. Next thing you know, the NRA will be training and equipping paramilitary units in Canada to overthrow Justin Trudeau...

On that unfortunately conceivable note, here's your Onion: