Tuesday Twitter roundup

Also on the list of post-Thanksgiving shenanigans:

Thomas Farr is the worst possible choice, especially in a district with such a high level of African-American populations. But there may be some hope:

Whether Farr’s defenders will be successful in finally pushing their man over the finish line at the comparatively long-in-the-tooth age (at least for a modern federal court nominee) of 64 or opponents will be successful in stopping him one more time still remains an open question. As Jay Michaelson wrote in a recent scathing assessment of Farr for the Daily Beast, there is some hope that Republican Trump critics in the Senate will block a handful of the most extreme judicial nominees in the coming weeks.

Outgoing Republican Arizona Senator Jeff Flake has stated that he will vote against all Trump judicial nominees until a bill protecting special counsel Robert Mueller is voted on. If one other GOP senator joins him in that effort, the nomination would likely be derailed until at least the next Congress.

For the country’s sake, let’s hope Flake succeeds in his effort and that Farr, like his mentor, soon finds himself consigned to the footnotes of American political and judicial history.

Then again, we've pinned our hopes on Jeff Flake a few times in the last year, and had those hopes dashed. And with Florida's results replacing Nelson with Scott, the US Senate chambers just got a little darker.

"Organized" retail crime? Is that even a thing?

Organized retail crime is an ongoing challenge for retailers, with losses continuing to mount. Adding to the concern:Retailers report ORC gang members are increasingly bold in their tactics. It is a combustible combination — one that requires loss prevention professionals to stay one step ahead during a time in which budgets are tight and laws are less and less of a deterrent.

ORC costs retailers $777,877 per $1 billion in sales — an all-time survey high.

While criminal rings have multiple ways of stealing from retailers, the most prominent type of return fraud involves taking merchandise and returning it for a refund. In all, survey respondents expect that about 11% of annual sales will be returned and 8.2% of those returns are fraudulent.

ORC criminals may have a myriad of techniques, but there is one commonality: Retailers report increased aggressiveness exhibited by ORC gangs.

That is not even 1/10 of 1% of sales. Damage from shipping & handling alone (accidental) is hundreds of times greater. Hell, mold causes a lot more "lost profits" than that, but I've yet to see an authoritarian crackdown on fungi. These are the same idiots who will lobby other idiots to increase penalties for people our society already penalizes. Ugggh...

Now that's not something you see every day, Progress NC posting an article promoting Mitch Kokai. Did I just step into the Multiverse? Nevermind, you wouldn't know of I had, because you'd be the other people...

Yeah, unfortunately, Bill Brawley is not capable of grasping simple facts.

Ehhh. I could have gone another five years without reading Erskine Bowles' name, and been blissfully unaware he ever existed...

Lol! This ad is a keeper, because it shows a Republican who lost his election endorsing another who lost hers...

Nah, you got that backwards, idiot. This will force Republicans to reveal their hypocrisy and senseless crusade against Hillary Clinton. But thanks for playing.

It's a hospital, for f**k's sake. It's where gunshot victims go to be either miraculously saved or (more likely) sent down the elevator to the morgue. Of course it's a gun-free zone, and no amount of inappropriate comments by jerks like you will change the way people feel about that.

Lol! Apparently Meadows does think that money grows on trees, or he wouldn't have given his sexually-harassing buddy Kenny West a golden parachute of taxpayer dollars.

On that nauseating note, here's your Onion:

Ah! Finally rescued. I've been looking for a decent Tweet about the Asheville anti-vaxxers...