Tuesday Twitter roundup

This is almost funny:

That's right, in his rush to avoid answering questions from the media, Mark Harris tripped an emergency alarm on his way out. And then later blamed it on football:

Hey man, that's a buncha bullshit. It's also illegal to use an emergency exit in that fashion, but as we're coming to learn, you apparently consider yourself above the law.

The fact you could even explore this issue, with Trump sitting up in his bed Tweeting out constant, easily debunked lies, several times a day, is a testament to how painfully biased your "coverage" has gotten. Case in point:

This isn't even remotely true, according to politifact:

First, the renegotiated North American Free Trade Agreement is not in effect yet. Trump rebranded the updated NAFTA as the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), but it still needs congressional approval.

And the deal, literally, does not include any language saying Mexico will pay the United States for the wall.

In addition, U.S.-Mexico trade has been duty free for more than a decade, and the renegotiated trade deal does not add new tariffs on goods coming from Mexico to the United States, said Lori Wallach, director at Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch.

"I do not see any scenario under which the U.S. government gets more money from Mexico per se — and even if the U.S. tariffs had been raised, that would be paid by Mexican importers not the Mexican government," Wallach said.

In other words, it would be paid by American consumers. If there had been tariffs, which there weren't. That's the real story, Pete, not AOC being a little off on her specifics.

Deal with us now, or deal with us in the voting booth come 2020. I would be remiss if I skipped my quarterly reference to the creeping authoritarianism exhibited by 3rd-World dictators as people grow disenchanted.

Doesn't matter what he wants, he is actually going to exacerbate the health care problem by closing hospitals & clinics and boosting out-of-pocket expenses to those on the health plans. All Republicans like Folwell know how to do is cut, and average folks are always the ones who suffer.

Yeah, good luck with that, if you think NC Republicans are going to stand up to Donald Trump. They can't even stand up to Phil Berger...

This is good news, but it's far from automatically and forcefully changing the way elected officials operate in the social media realm. Somebody would still need to file suit in order to seek relief, but they would also be more likely to succeed when doing so.

The height of ignorance is trying to defend your party when it buries reporters in the basement to make their jobs harder. You might as well say, "I don't want to know what government is doing, because my team is in charge, and I have total faith in them."

I don't even have to read that to know Civitas put an extra effort into showing where Democrats also engaged in this behavior, because they do it (or try to) every single time a Republican does something unethical. And the (usually unstated) moral of their story is, the problem wouldn't exist if Democrats hadn't "invented" it. Or something along those lines.

On that predictable note, here's your Onion:

Yeah, I may have done that a few times...



Who the hell is Pete Kaliner?

From his website:

Pete is a limited government "lower-case L" libertarian. His default position is freedom. Pete recognizes that this is scary to a lot of people. Pete takes phone calls and talks about the news of the day. He believes that these discussions with the audience is helping solve the world's problems. Pete's a giver. He has been in North Carolina media for nearly twenty years, as an award-winning radio journalist, a TV reporter, and a talk show host. Listen weekdays 3-6pm.

Lower-case L? That's the default position I call "dumbshit." Sheesh.

I didn't even know the guy existed until this morning ... and I wish I could get into my way-back machine and erase this crap from my mind.

Oh, and thanks to the putz for helping to solve the world's problems. SMH.