Tuesday Twitter roundup

Only the best people:

That won't stop Burr & Tillis from gushing about her "long and distinguished career," or some such nonsense.

I agree with Brent (gasp!), and I would also add: This situation is confusing enough without adding poorly thought-out and highly unlikely scenarios. Even if it was legally viable (which is doubtful), the Board of Elections applied enough pressure on Mark Harris to scare him away from trying again. The idea they would even be interested in forcing him to run is ludicrous.

It makes sense. White man should be able to screw anything he wants and get away with it, because anything short of that is an attack on his freedom to dominate. Or something. Also, I really don't understand women (apparently), because that dude makes dog poop on a stick seem attractive in comparison. I'm like, "Why? Why would you do that?"

You really are an idiot, you know that? Gerrymandering is the biggest threat to election integrity that exists, but you're just mad because people are beginning to realize that. The word "hypocrite" just doesn't cover it...

Roger that. We can talk about the economic benefits too, but saving lives should be message #1.

Smart move. Starting early voting 11 days from now (like we thought) would have been crazy...

Not surprising, but you would think Duke was smart enough to keep it farther away from their headquarters.

I'm sure they've got more important things to do than worry about who slung some sheets over a couple statues. But go ahead, waste the taxpayers' money.

I just gave myself a headache trying to decipher that ignorant nonsense...

Okay, I must be having a stroke or something, because I can't make sense out of any of these guys...

It's definitely a bad idea, but hopefully the Council of State will throw the brakes on.

Not sure what motivated this string of Tweets, other than the fact that not enough mainstream Democrats have defended Omar. But they are flirting heavily with a few logical fallacies...

A little history:

There was a time in this country when the ERA was something that seemed assured of becoming enshrined in our Constitution as the 27th Amendment. After winning final approval by the U.S. Senate in 1972 by a vote of 84-8 (the House had passed it a year earlier), the ERA was quickly ratified by 30 of the necessary 38 states within a year. Unfortunately, thanks in part to an arbitrary seven-year time limit on ratification attached by Congress to the original legislation (later extended by three years) and an anti-feminist backlash spearheaded by the religious right, the measure came up just short.

By the 1982 deadline, 35 states had ratified the amendment – not including, of course, North Carolina. Though many experts have questioned the constitutional validity of the artificial time limit, little concrete action has taken place on the amendment in the ensuing decades – little, that is, until the onset of the Trump presidency.

With the rise of the misogynist-in-chief and the #MeToo movement, the amendment has enjoyed a spirited and long overdue revival and two new states – Illinois and Nevada – have added their names to the list of states voting for ratification. This means that only one more state is needed to reach the 38-state threshold. The dirty baker’s dozen of non-ratifiers at present: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, and Virginia.

That's a list that North Carolina would do well to erase itself from. On that hopeful note, here's your Onion:

Yeah, we used to say guys like this were on the "six year plan" for that four year degree...



The irony stick whacks John in the head...

"Carolina Partnership For Reform" is itself a construct of the NC GOP, created by Stephen Wiley. I'll let the conservative Daily Haymaker 'splain more deeply:

Stephen B. Wiley is “deputy political director” of the NC House Republican Caucus. He’s been doing that since May.

According to his profile, he was a legislative assistant in the North Carolina House from April 2016 to April 2018.

If you check out the latest campaign report (as of April 22, 2018) for Rep. Brenden Jones, you’ll see the Jones campaign made a series of payments to something called “Clay & Cast Iron, LLC” for “political consulting.”

If you check out “Clay & Cast Iron, LLC.” with the NC Secretary of State’s office, you’ll find the corporation’s registered agent is one Stephen B. Wiley of 941 Broadhaven Drive in Raleigh. According to the secretary of state, the corporation was set up in August 2017 — while Wiley was still a House legislative aide.

That's no big surprise. The NC GOP doesn't have an ethical bone in its body. And apparently John Hood doesn't have a grasp on irony, with this "pot calls the kettle black" retweet.

Poor guy

Can't keep his conspiracy theories straight.

If corporations weren't people, this would be easy to sort out. As it is, the dark, hidden money trails are impossible to know who's on first.