Tuesday Twitter roundup

I've learned to pay attention to what Rick has to say:

I was interested in reading the book because these authors had exclusive access to interview McCrae Dowless, who was at the center of the illegal ballot collection scheme (and is awaiting trial on voter fraud charges for both the 2016 and 2018 races; he was sentenced to six months for social security fraud for not reporting his income as a political consultant ). It’s clear from reading the book that Dowless ingratiated himself with the authors.

In the end, the authors offer no new insights on whether Dowless engaged in illegal activity (“Were ballots taken from voters illegally in Bladen County in 2018. Yes, we know that some low-level workers took ballots. Was McCrae Dowless actively and knowingly directing them to do that? We don’t know. He swears not. The best evidence to support it is in the words of people like Lisa Britt and others who have a history of drug abuse and other criminal offenses and who’d have reasons to give investigators what investigators hope to find.”). It strains credulity to believe that the desperate workers Dowless hired, often for things like gas money, collected ballots not at his direction.

In the end, the book is fodder for whatever people want it to be—that fraud can happen, and maybe it happens on a broad scale, but no one knows anything. I think the book will be used both in an attempt to exonerate Dowless and to make the claim that such fraud is so hard to find that therefore we need to make voting harder to stop even the risk of such fraud.

I've also learned to take what Nick Ochsner has to say with a grain of salt. Chasing people down in a parking lot (on camera, for the dramatic effect), and then implying they are trying to hide something because they refused to answer questions, is pure laziness. That's my opinion as a non-journalist. Your mileage may vary...

Okay, "honeypot" is the word for the entire scheme, not the honey that was in the pot. As to the story itself, it's possible. Russians do some crazy shit like this. But it's much more likely Cawthorn made it up to make it seem like the marriage was doomed from the start. In other words, he didn't fail, he was victorious over Russian intelligence. Or something.

Yeah, they are perched over at least one vacant skull.

The fact that could be one of several different people is even more alarming.

Keep hammering these points, eventually it will sink in.

It is a huge issue, and one that I wouldn't be aware of if my daughter (non-political) had not told me she's paying $1,250 per month for day-care for my grandson. That's just crazy.

Yep, he's still around ncpol, stinking up the place...

Lol! Maybe the year of the insane conspiracy theorist parent.

On that logic-defying note, here's your Onion:

God no, it's the only peace and quiet the poor girl's had in years...