Tuesday Twitter roundup

Get well soon, Roy. We need you.

Your only "solutions" are no solutions. No programs, no research, and of course no assistance from government.

These people have lost their minds...

Not that you needed something else to worry about:

“A ruling endorsing a strong or muscular reading of the independent state legislature theory would potentially give state legislatures even more power to curtail voting rights and provide a pathway for litigation to subvert the election outcomes expressing the will of the people,” law professor Richard Hasen wrote in an email.

But if the justices are going to get involved, Hasen said, “it does make sense for the Court to do it outside the context of an election with national implications.”

The court could say as early as Tuesday, or perhaps the following week, whether it will hear an appeal filed by North Carolina Republicans. The appeal challenges a state court ruling that threw out the congressional districts drawn by the General Assembly that made GOP candidates likely victors in 10 of the state’s 14 congressional districts.

The North Carolina Supreme Court held that the boundaries violated state constitution provisions protecting free elections and freedoms of speech and association by handicapping voters who support Democrats. The new map that eventually emerged and is being used this year gives Democrats a good chance to win six seats, and possibly a seventh in a new toss-up district.

And once again, everything hinges on Roberts.

Did we ever have it? Pretty sure we didn't. Also, last year, we exported 8.63 million barrels of petroleum per day, and imported 8.47 million barrels per day. Do the friggin' math. We're sending away more than we're bringing in. That's about as independent as you can get.

On that face-palming note, here's your Onion:

Oh my god. The Onion nailed me directly to the cross on that one...