Tuesday Twitter roundup

It's nothing short of infuriating. Teachers and their advocates have been purchasing basic education supplies out of their pockets for years, but most parents don't bat an eye. Meanwhile BergerMoore is throwing another $100 million at private school vouchers. Grrr...

That ship has sailed, lady. The Proud Boys have shown they are dangerous, seditious, and the last group you want anywhere near your children. Full stop.

If you're not following the Squad on Twitter and elsewhere, you are missing some really important stuff. They are public servants we should all try to emulate.

I'm not even going to look (yet), 'cause I hate getting my hopes up only to have them dashed.

As my friends from Greater Greensboro Politics will tell you, Richard ain't the shiniest spoon in the drawer. And of course there's no link to back up this woman's claims, which is also Vintage Sessoms. *sigh*

I pulled tobacco when I was 14, and the old guy who drove the tractor gave me a filterless Chesterfield to smoke after I ate my RC cola and Moon Pie when we were taking a short break between rows. I know it sounds like I made that up, but it's the truth.

What a jackass.

On that well thought-out character assessment, here's your Onion:

They didn't invite me. I wonder why?