Tuesday Twitter roundup

This needs to be a question asked during their (probably only) debate. And he also needs to be asked why he voted to overturn the will of the people, after a mob of traitors invaded the Capitol Building.

Nice shot! But no on the book. Unless the book has legs that flip out, turning it into a coffee table book that is also a coffee table (Kramer just might be a genius), I won't be purchasing said item.

Did he have anybody on staff that only worked for (our) government?

See, there's this thing called a freezer. That freezes things. To be consumed much later.

Shooting blanks, as usual. The Governor would not have had to sue if BergerMoore hadn't tried to take over the combined board. On seemingly every issue, when Republicans complain about something it turns out they are even more guilty.

Nothing less than infuriating:

Researchers found that:

Tweets mentioning the ‘OK groomer’ slur surged by 2,465 percent.

The Walt Disney Co. was targeted with 345,152 tweets about ‘grooming.’

The 500 most influential hateful ‘grooming’ tweets were seen 72 million times.‘Grooming’ tweets from just ten key figures were viewed 48 million times.

Twitter is failing to act on 99 percent of hateful ‘grooming’ tweets.

Stuff like this makes me seriously consider ending this weekly feature. Not there yet, though:

My feet started hurting just reading that...

Who? Scratch that, I don't want to know. I'd rather read the Onion:

I do like that restaurant...