Tuesday Twitter roundup

Which is why I do my best to ignore polls, of any sort. Half of them are push-polls, nudging people to choose a particular opinion, and others give you a "middle of the road" option that is not present on the real ballot. And a false sense of security (or insecurity) does not help anyone.

I still don't believe they need to be that far away, but build them wherever we can.

The man has zero shame. And kudos for trying to get "Patriot" back where it belongs, in the hands of defenders of democracy.

Yes, it is. And we need a blue wave to wash that nonsense out to sea.

When Steve Ross goes on the telly to disavow this photoshopped bullshit (see below), then we can talk. Until then, STFU Amy, you're out of your element.

It's hard to believe this is not a crime of some sort. Not holding my breath waiting for Pope's Puppets to speak out about this, because IOKIYAR.

Ehhhh... Just no. Please...

On that pleading note, here's your Onion:

Well, he ain't chasin' nobody down, that's for sure...



I used to be a polling guy

Spent many years doing research of all kinds for politicians and companies. I'm now in the "zero confidence" camp when it comes to polling. Don't know. Don't want to know. Don't care.