TVA lifts moratorium on its Generation Partners program

Whatever brought this about, it's a good move:

The Tennessee Valley Authority has ended a short moratorium on new enrollments in its Generation Partners program that encourages solar, wind, biomass and hydroelectric projects.

A TVA statement Wednesday announced that enrollments are again being accepted for renewable energy projects of up to 200 kilowatts, with $1,000 payments provided to offset startup costs. TVA will also buy 100 percent of the green power that is produced and will pay the retail rate, plus any fuel cost adjustment, plus a premium per kilowatt-hour.

We generally keep the front page reserved for North Carolina-specific stories, but this one is pertinent for two reasons: a) Many of our friends in Western NC are TVA customers, and b) Duke Energy and Progress may be (greatly) influenced by TVA's behavior.

As I've mentioned before, these smaller (non-utility-owned) renewable energy projects are viewed as potentially detrimental to the monopoly on the energy generation market these big utilities enjoy. And they desperately need to break out of that mindset.

Not only do we need to encourage diffuse and scalable projects like these, we also need to expand the investment base to include entrepreneurs and angel investors, as well as homeowners with vision. That's how this movement will explode, producing a paradigmatic shift in the way we approach our power needs.

Evidence of the viability of this is revealed in the reason (stated) for the moratorium in the first place:

The statement says TVA briefly stopped taking enrollments last week to adjust to overwhelming customer response.

Overwhelming customer response. I don't need to add anything to that.


Now THIS is what is needed!

I read that it takes 60 square miles of solar to replace one power plant. This will do it. Come on Progress Energy, I'm ready and willing!