U. S. Senate Race in North Carolina: A game changer?

“North Carolina's support for then-candidate Barack Obama in 2008 was a game-changer for his campaign that signaled country was willing to follow a different path to the future.

“Expect the outcome of the Marshall-Burr race to again signal not only what direction North Carolina intends to follow after two tumultuous years of change, but also what direction America as a whole now wants to follows. Like the choices offered by an unemotional and logical GPS unit, we can cancel the current route of the Democratic Party or just update and continue with them to our chosen destination”

Watching the US Senatorial Candidates debate on WRAL TV live) tonight was encouraging, if you are an Elaine Marshall (D) supporter. Just days ago the News and Observer’s top state politics reporter, Rob Christensen said, “…so far there has been little equal about the race, as [Senator Richard] Burr, relying on an extensive advertising campaign, has opened a wide lead in the race since he went on the air at the beginning of September. Burr has a double digit lead over Marshall in four polls: Public Policy Polling (16 points); the Civitas Institute (20 points); SurveyUSA (24 points); and Rasmussen Reports (16 points)...

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