University education is only for rich kids

The North Carolina Constitution states:

The General Assembly shall provide that the benefits of The University of North Carolina and other public institutions of higher education, as far as practicable, be extended to the people of the State free of expense.

Well, now that the Republicans control the UNC Board of Governors, they're paying about as much heed to the NC Constitution and the Tillisberger does. They've decided that our universities shouldn't be giving so much tuition money to students who really need financial aid.

Public universities will be limited in their ability to use tuition revenue to cover costs for financially needy students under a new policy adopted Friday by the UNC Board of Governors.

The board unanimously approved a cap that prevents UNC campuses from devoting more than 15 percent of tuition revenue to financial aid. For six campuses that currently reach or exceed the 15 percent threshold – including N.C. Central, N.C. State and UNC-Chapel Hill – tuition-funded financial aid dollars will be frozen.

Although they make lame assertions that this is about keeping tuition rates down, some Board of Governors members have stated that they just don't like rich kids subsidizing poor kids, and many smart folks see through the GOP haze of lies, including someone who really knows.

“This is really right-wing ideology driving this policy issue,” said James Moeser, the former UNC-CH chancellor, whose tenure was marked by the creation of the nationally groundbreaking Carolina Covenant, a program that provides a debt-free education to low-income students.


Intended consequences

Another consequence of this stupid limitation is that "student indebtedness could double in a few years’ time with the new cap."

The wing nuts love student debt. It saddles kids from poor families with debt for life, putting a major obstacle in the way of generational economic improvement, and it helps enrich the banks. And it's another cog in the wheel of privatizing education.

It's a sad day when tea party ideology has its way with our nationally lauded public university system. Constitution, schmonstitution! Government, including the public university system, exists to enrich the people in charge.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014