Veto the anti-abortion bill, Bev

And any other piece of legislation that has idiotic language like this:

The physician or qualified professional has informed the woman, either by telephone or in person, of each of the following at least 24 hours before the abortion:

c. That the father is liable to assist in the support of the child, even if the father has offered to pay for the abortion.

Seriously? You want a doctor to give his patient legal advice that should be coming from an attorney? Who the hell is writing this crap?


I wonder...

...Would a physician know how hard it is to track down a dead-beat dad? Seriously. These people are such damned idiots.

Where do they come from

I personally do not understand or approve of the anti abotion crowd, much less politicians that prey on us from that point of view. They follow some theology and jihad that is abominable. The whole issue is pregnancy and the mother is the driver, not some schmuck in the GA, who is kowtowing to other idiots who will not mind their own business - as demanded by their gawd. There should be no restrictions whatsoever on medical procedures and abortion is a medical procedure.



Dumb and Dumber?

Who the hell is writing this crap?* Steve

No doubt a foot washing born again tounge tie Tea Party Republican Baptist with a IQ of 13 and vocational degree from the 1/2 Governor Sara Palin College of on-line medical and unconstitutional law research in Boise Idaho...


this is purposeful creation of pseudo reality by the stroke of conservative pens. They are creating North Carolina in their own image, purposefully ignorant, insular, reactionary, and Christianist.* James

Agreed! It is all over the country that this agenda is being push big time. These people are dangerous and would torture you in a New York City Heartbeat if given the chance. I am afraid the day is coming that they will have be confronted like the Greeks are doing or the Arabs in the Arab Spring movements.......It's not a petty picture for the future nor for the American People