VIDEO: Cal Cunningham on Fixing Trade, Opening Markets

Vicki Ellison is not one of the staggering 17% of Scotland County's population that is unemployed. How does she do it? By driving 30 minutes every day to her job at the Campbell's Soup Company in neighboring Robeson County.

In part three of Cal Cunningham's Jobs Plan, "Ending Unfair Trade and Opening New Markets", he proposes solutions for the situation that has slammed Scotland County with massive manufacturing job losses since the early nineties. His proposals include renegotiating international trade agreements, providing incentives for domestic job creation, increasing pressure on and reducing our debt to China and prioritizing safety standards for imported goods. (Read the full proposal here.)

A lifelong resident of Laurinburg, Vicki hasn't worked in her hometown since shortly after Abbott Labs relocated their Scotland County facility to Central America in 2002. Vicki was offered a transfer to Abbott's Rocky Mount plant, a life-altering decision for a single mother with three children who depended on her own mother for child care. In then end, she chose to follow the job, while her kids, her mother and the rest of her family stayed behind. Vicki sent paychecks home and visited on weekends.

But in 2007, Vicki's mother got sick. As the family gathered, Vicki examined job opportunities closer to home. Even before the recession hit greater North Carolina, it was well established in Laurinburg, and the job market was grim. If her former manager at Abbott hadn't recommended her for the position at Campbell Soups, Vicki and her sons would have had to abandon the family home in Laurinburg for good.

Which isn't what we want happening to our small towns. Vicki speaks passionately about what a great place Laurinburg is to grow up in, and she marvels at how life got so difficult there so quickly.

Not only is Cal paying attention to Vicki's story, he's deeply committed to answering her concerns with solid solutions and immediate help. Meanwhile, Richard Burr has stood by while whole swaths of North Carolina manufacturing have disintegrated -- and with it, small town economies and the lives of too many real North Carolinians.

That passivity is what is most offensive about Richard Burr's tenure. His absence on this matter is almost epic; his inattention a deep disservice to the people who need action now.

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Let's circulate these ideas so that Cal can push Congress to rebuild these manufacturing communities better than before.



Let's circulate these ideas so that Cal can push Congress to rebuild these manufacturing communities better than before.

Next issue.

A very junior senator?

Really, you think that Cal can fix it?

Mo, I think he's our best hope

Our freshman senators will be coming into a Congress shaken by deep institutional self-doubt (as is evidenced by the recent round of retirements).

If you look at the way Cal executed his service in Iraq (he restructured that department and court-martialed the first civilian contractor since 1968) and the energy he's bringing to this campaign, I believe him when he says we need to reform the way the Senate does business:

Frank, I respect you and your opinion

and if Cal gets the nomination, I will support him. In the mean-time, I believe that Elaine Marshall has all the right answers. She has done well by NC as SofS and has been ready to take Burr's seat for quite a while.

Cal on the other hand decided NOT to run and had to be talked into it by the DSCC.....not a good start IMHO. The more I read about him, the more I wonder if he'll be a progressive or a blue dog.

Almost everyone says that the Senate needs to be reformed, including Elaine, so I don't understand how that differentiates the two. Most of us at BlueNC have served our military time and admire Cal for doing the same. I just don't think he is more progressive than Elaine.....but then I could be wrong, (no surprises there). Just not convinced yet.

Who can "fix it"?

C'mon, who can fix it?

Do you support a candidate that can "fix it"?

Why ask that?

Wish the comp lab here had sound

I'll have to watch this when I get home.

Great move on Elaine's part

Going to Daily KOS and presenting that is savvy. Got to give her kudos for that.

Here we are discussing whether Elaine or Cal is "progressive" enough rather than discussing what their views are on just so many issues far more important than which is more political in nature.

We need to discuss their individual feelings on taxes, spending, illegal immigration, DADT (which is something I just do not understand why it has not been eliminated..sorry, a sore point of mine), national debt, military involvement in far-away countries (Afghanistan and Iraq, in particular), etc.

Let us see their stance on those. Let us see their suggestions on job creation that does not include short-term government jobs or millions of dollars for 10 jobs as we currently see. This is important stuff, not just "who is the more 'progressive'".