VIDEO: Cal's Plan Prioritizes Green Energy Jobs

Jim Tarleton has spent his entire career in the field of domestic energy production; first as a gulf coast oilman, then as a uranium miner in the southwest. He has seen those industries rise and fall on the waves of competition, supply, tariffs and trade deals. He has arrived early to a new American energy economy: renewable natural gas produced from the food waste our cities and towns throw away by the ton every day.

We're all frustrated -- and I can include Cal Cunningham with us here -- that more isn't being done to help green entrepreneurs bring us the technologies that hold the most promise for cleaning up and localizing our energy usage. If the technology exists, if the people who can fathom the science exist, if the business model to develop and deliver the products exists -- then where is the green, renewable future we all know we should be inhabiting by now?

To that end, Cal's Jobs Plan prioritizes incentives to Green Energy businesses and home upgrades, and perhaps just as importantly, eliminates tax breaks for Big Oil and Gas companies. Briefly:

1. Create Clean Energy Business Zones. Like a Research Triangle Park for green businesses.

2. Incentives for Residential and Commercial Energy Efficiency. Natural (and financial) resource saving technologies often come with an initial expense that we should work to defray through incentives.

3. Invest in Bio-diesel and other Next-Generation Fuels. The goal is to reduce and eventually eliminate our dependence on foreign oil. This is the way to do it.

4. End the Tax Giveaways to Big Oil and Gas Companies. Simply stated, they're weathering the recession better than you and I are -- and it's time to level the playing field across the energy spectrum.

Read the full policy here.


Thanks, Frank

I especially like Cal's support of a national Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (REPS). That would spur investment in clean energy generation like never before, and would also produce the R&D dollars from the private sector this industry needs so badly.

Cal on Brad & Britt this morning

Cal was a guest host on Brad & Britt on FM 101.1 radio this morning and he did a super job.

He is working the networks..ALL of the networks. This is someone that we need to look at as being a candidate that does not just put out blog posts or avoid one-on-one interviews on radio talk shows or avoids taking questions he doesn't know what is being asked and how he/she will answer.

Cal is the real deal, guys. We have to defeat "No Show" Burr...and we have to look at who is the person that is most dedicated to doing that and is making the effort necessary in that regard.


I wonder if he's

been interviewed by anyone at WCHL 1360am in Chapel Hill. I know all of Chapel Hill & Carrboro can hear that station, and half the time I can pick it when I'm on campus on NCSU (although it is a bit fuzzy that far out). At the very least it'd hit some of the most liberal parts of the triangle, which will be big voters in the primary.

I love these video series, it is so easy for these to go viral with a quick copy of the embed code. Keep up the good work Team Cunningham!

Another fabulous video

Well done.

Green for Burr

Green to "No Show" means dollars for his campaign. It sure does not mean doing anything positive for our environment.

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Keep up the good work!


Plus a comment of my own.

Thanks, Frank, for all you're doing.