The View From Where I Sit! Time to Take Control Dems!

Dang If Im not on a roll today! I do beleive Robert & Southern Dem lit a fire under me so I am putting in my Steve Miller Band CD and here I go again! Lets try to look at some issues called cause & effect! Just why do we no longer have Anthony Principi at the helm of the VA? Well, It is quite simple, One doe's not lock horns with Bush over your budget and staffing needs and expect to politically survive. That is why, Anthony Principi, a decorated Vietnam Veteran who served in the Mekong Delta, received wounds and was a great fighter for us and responsible for opening the system to more Vets is now gone. We have been left with Jim Nicholson, a nam era vet with no experence in vets issues. He officially was Ambassador to the Holy see. While some may disagree, It is my fervent hope & desire that if we can pull together as Democrats and re take all of the seats we can get Mr. Principi back in charge! Since his departure, not only funding has dropped but staff has dropped also. The Mini Lab at Asheville VA was shut down which now forces patients to the basement lab and longer waits. A lot of people blame the VA up front. While everyone does have faults, the VA is simply understaffed and refuses to process vets in catagory 7 & 8 whom they could bill their private insurance thereby makeing money. I spoke & got help for a 86yr old vets spouse whose checks we being 8-12 says late. I had a young Iraq vet come in who had been hit 3 times, the worse when a IED exploded under his Bradley linebacker. When he arrived in Ft. Stewart he failed 2 hearing test and was given exactly 14 days to process out or he would have to stay in 3 more months. In other words they mustered him without the physical they were to do. I now have him in VA care & A claim filed. Other facts I want you to know is that if you are a Gulf War Vet or back from Iraq you have until Sept 2007 to get on the Gulf War Regerstery. Here are some other facts from the Nat. Veterans Legal Program. Challenge Taylor and the rest with this if you wish and by all means please cross post these articles. I want everyone to know these things. Right Now, There are roughlyover 250,000 homeless vets in the U.S. ,This makes up one third of all the homeless population. They did not ask for this as some I've personally met with have legit problems forceing them to live alone like this but they still do not get the help they desperetaly need. More than half suffer from Drug & Alchol problems. Does the current administration care enough to tell them help is available? Hell No! One third of all returning vets from Iraq are said to be diagnosed with Severe Chronic PTSD and VA Watchdog. org has already reported where some were sent back to this line with anti-psychotics. Agent Orange- The Great AO! This has been found to affect not only Vietnam Vets but also Vets who served on the Korean DMZ area.It came labeled by tape on its barrells and under the names of Orange,White,Purple,PinkGreen & Blue depended to the Mixture. I was exposed to Agent White while in employment of the US Forest Service, raunghy stuff.Between 1962 & 1971 11 million gallons were sprayed on 2.9 million acres of land. Even the folks in the states who worked with it got sick showing increased Dioxin levels and this stuff has been used along roadsides,powerlines and railroads here in the States.Check up on Operation Ranchhand and when Nixon ordered the Air Force Tapes & records turned over to NASA for review they found many inaccurices. One dose expousure check was made in 85% of missions flown. Somewhere I have a 5 page document of all the chemicals used by our goverment sine Vietnam to present. Did you know they were useing Paraquat on the opium & pot feilds as early as 1967? Remember, LBJ, a Democrat, was by no means perfect. NONE of us are and we do not know how we would react in the position until put there. Yes, He did esclate troops in Nam by sending the Cav. BUT REMEMBER THIS!!!!AND DO NOT FORGET IT!!!!!!!! Everything I have discussed in this article has eathier happened or been authorized ba a Republican Administration! They made it happen, But, It is now time for each and every Democrat ,progressive ,Conservative alike to join together in a common cause to take our goverment back and right the wrongs!