Virus in the system: Radical GOP out to destroy Democracy

Professor Leutze hits several nails on their heads:

The assault is not on Boehner, or on the speakership, but on the government and the compromise that is essential to its function. It is about states’ rights as distinct from federal rights. It is about so clogging up the machinery essential to doing the public’s business as to make it impossible.

What is to be put in place of their discredited “government”? The radicals have no answer. Their objective is first to discredit then to destroy. They didn’t go to Washington to get something done. Instead they want to keep things from being done. Simply, they do not want government to work.

One thing missing from this essay is the psychological condition known as Misanthropy, the inherent hatred and distrust of our species. When something horrific happens in the news, it's not odd to see a Liberal say, "I hate people." But that's not misanthropy, it's a reaction borne of frustration. A true misanthrope is also a racist, a sexist, a religious purist, and whatever other ideological stances allow him or her to distance themselves from the vast majority of humanity. And because of this mental illness, they have no faith whatsoever that human beings can gather together and work for the common good. They just don't believe it. Which should make them grossly unqualified to take a seat in Congress.