Voller defeats Etheridge for NCDP Chair

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NC Dems tap Pittsboro mayor for state party chair
By GARY D. ROBERTSON, Associated Press

DURHAM, N.C. — Still reeling from 2012 defeats at the ballot box, North Carolina Democratic activists narrowly elected a small-town mayor as their next leader Saturday after an 11th-hour draft of former U.S. Rep. Bob Etheridge fell short by a few votes.

Meeting in Durham, the state Democratic Party's executive committee elected Pittsboro Mayor Randy Voller by a vote of 309-298 over Etheridge, who wasn't in attendance when his name was placed in nomination. Voller, a favorite of local party activists, vowed during his two-year term to fight to reverse Republican electoral gains and policies.

We are here to win the battle of ideas in our communities, and we're here to win elections," the 44-year-old Voller told committee members...

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DURHAM, N.C. — A second candidate has surfaced in the race to be North Carolina's new Democratic Party chairman.

Pittsboro Mayor Randy Voller had been the only announced candidate after former state Sen. Eric Mansfield dropped out last week, but members of the State Executive Committee meeting Saturday in Durham also nominated former U.S. Rep. Bob Etheridge. The former congressman from Harnett County appears to have been drafted as an establishment alternative to Voller...


Pittsboro mayor elected NC Democratic chairman

DURHAM, N.C. — Pittsboro Mayor Randy Voller is the new chairman of the North Carolina Democratic Party, barely turning back a last-minute push by former U.S. Rep. Bob Etheridge.

Members of the State Executive Committee meeting Saturday in Durham elected Voller over Etheridge by a vote of 309-298.

Voller had been publicly running for two months and appeared to be the only candidate when former state Sen. Eric Mansfield dropped out last week. But Mansfield supporters sought Etheridge to run and he was nominated. Etheridge visited the Durham Convention Center but left before the meeting got started...

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Voller off to a good start

He knows how to run a meeting. Plus he has already started talking to the press.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Why did Etheridge run?

He posted on FaceBook that he would not accept nomination. What, if anything, changed?

I think Nina and Randy complement each other and will make a good leadership team.

Martha Brock

Randy, put us to work!

For the first time since the catastrophic elections in 2010, I have a glimmer of hope for the NC Democratic Party. Randy is committed to rebuilding the Party from the grassroots up, actively engaging people from all walks of life in the political work that a real democray demands from a self-governing people, and getting Democrats elected in local races across the state who represent the core values of the Democratic Party. When the pendulum swings our way again -- and it might do so even faster thanks to the policies that are oozing out of Raleigh like toxic sludge -- we will have a solid groundgame in every county, an army of passionate volunteers, and credible candidates we can vote for with no reservations. Sure, we need money. But even more so, we need voters to believe in the Democratic Party again. We need to win over hearts and minds first, then the money will follow. The anti-dote to money in politics is not more money: it is vision and people committed to the core values that make us Democrats in the first place, people who are willing to step up and live their values out loud. Randy cannot do it alone. He needs all of us. So let him know he can count on you to help him start this daunting but exciting journey!

Resistance is Fertile



I'm excited

I feel that both Mansifeld and Voller were strong candidates and would have made good leaders.

I am excited about the potential of a progressive democrat like Voller in charge. As the democratic party, I know that it takes a lot of people not just whoever is at top, to move this ship forward. But my hope that as the right drifts ever farther towards the radical right, this will provide us a chance to anchor our positions strongly enough that the middle-ground/moderate position doesn't keep drifting to the right too.


Does anyone know if/where the speeches from Saturday will be posted online. It would be nice for those of us who could not be there...especially the winning speeches.

Here's one

on another thread, but I expect we'll see some more in the near future.