Voting your pocketbook.

The problem with electing Republicans to office is that even though they claim to be godly people they don’t vote their religion, they vote their pocketbook. There is a big difference there. The tenets of faith and the needs of the pocketbook are not the same. And their pocketbook speaks to them strongly. They may claim all pocketbooks are the same but they are not, and filling up their’s does not mean yours gets filled up, too. Their pocketbook has a lot more in it than your pocketbook does and they don’t care to share.

It is in their interest to have cheap labor that does not complain about working conditions and produces a large crop of babies.... without those babies, where will the next round of cheap labor come from? If a woman dies producing those babies, well, she can be replaced, too. They can’t afford to let that woman have birth control. Their pocketbook won’t allow it.

Health care? Costs too much. Let those cheap babies, the ones who survive, replace the cheap laborer. Education? The only education needed is what it takes to run a machine or lay tarmac or pick the worms off tobacco plants. Or perhaps, to carry equipment around an oil rig. Why does a cafeteria lady need to understand American Literature anyway? What good can possibly come of a factory worker who reads Plato? Or plays a piano, or paints landscapes? Laborers don’t need to have their horizons expanded, it will only cause them to get ideas above their raisin’, ideas like demanding a safer workplace or better pay or healthcare.

Ideas are detrimental to their pocketbooks. Ideas like keeping our water sources safe for consumption and our air fit to breathe. The rich can afford to live someplace cleaner leaving the cheap labor behind to die young from contaminants in the water, soil and air. One way or another, they’ll still get their pocketbook filled up. After all, labor is cheap, and you can be replaced.

They vote their pocketbook, not yours. They are not interested in enriching you in any way, shape or form. They are not interested in your welfare or even in your eternal soul. They may go to church but I truly believe God will not welcome them into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Don’t vote their pocketbook anymore.
Vote for your own.


The dark ages

The saddest part is, Americans have already fought the war against the kings, the slave holders, the robber-barrons. We won our right to a clean, safe workplace, reasonable work hours, our collective bargaining. We realized the awful consequences of pollution, unchecked and took steps to be sure it would never be that way again. We created the EPA. We won the right for everyone to vote regardless of sex, race, station in life. We made a safety net for the golden years if we were lucky enough to make it to that age.

This Republican assault on our lives is a blind hatred of all the progress that has been made in our history. It's the oldest battle that humans of any era may have to fight. It's just such a shock that we, in 2013, are seeing a new dark age settle over North Carolina.