Vouchers: Unintended consequences won't please the Skipper

Skip Stam, fresh from his anti-gay bigoted rant, must be stewing over the results of his baby: school vouchers.

Skip doesn't care that vouchers siphon money from public schools that already don't have enough resources.

Skip has no problem with the fact that tax dollars will go to religious schools, thus violating the principle of separation of church and state and the NC Constitution.

But the Skipper must have forgotten that there are religions other than his own. The first round of vouchers have just been awarded, and as expected, religious schools lead the pack.

Parents could identify a top school of choice when they applied for the program. The overwhelming majority of those who chose picked religious schools. Most of the 440 schools requested are Christian, but two of the top three are Muslim.

Skip must be delighted that hundreds of kids will get tax money to attend Christian schools. I have to believe, though, that he's less than thrilled 256 kids are getting tax money to attend Islamic schools.

To be clear: I have no problem with Christian schools, Muslim schools or other private schools. But I do have a problem with vouchers that transfer public money to private schools that aren't fully accountable, don't have the same obligations as public schools and often discriminate in whom they accept.

And to be fair, I'm just supposing what the Skipper's reaction might be. I haven't seen a quote from him about this yet. However, it seems like a reasonable assumption given Skip's affirmative vote on the ridiculous bill to outlaw Shariah law in NC.