Wake County leads the way

Even if you're not a citizen of Wake County, you have to be proud of the results delivered yesterday after a full-court press in their local elections. Sanity prevailed in mayoral and city council races, as well as in the Wake County School Board elections. Progressives carried the day on almost every front.

There will be much written about whether these results signal trends that will influence the 2012 elections. So far, the main thing I've learned is that Art Pope Republicans can win elections, but they can't govern. Their instinct to divide and conquer spills into their policy agenda, pitting people against one another in ways that most fair-minded citizens won't tolerate. That's what happened on the Wake County School Board with the dramatic ouster of Ron Margiotta. With any luck and a lot of hard work, that will happen with Thom Tillis, too.
I sure do miss Joe Hackney.


Amen to that

What I thought was most telling is the whining from the GOPbaggers that the Dems in this Wake board race "spent so much money" to defeat them...I nearly spit out my coffee when I heard that. This coming from the people who were CREATED by Art Pope/Koch Brothers, etc...

Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. Right along with their shame and their deep-seeded hatred of the poor.

I can't say this is an indicator of 2012 either. I've stopped believing in such bellwethers, but oh do I hope those assholes in the GA get what's coming to them (electorally and karmically).


You don't have to live in Wake to help

Even though I do not live in Wake County, I spent Monday evening calling folks in District 8 to go to the polls, so it was satisfying to see the results. If you want to make sure the board shifts into better hands, please help with the GOTV efforts in the run-off in District 3 between incumbent Kevin Hill, a Democrat representing north Raleigh, and Republican challenger Heather Losurdo. Margiotta supporters are gearing up to pour their frustration into that race to keep the board under Republican control, so we need to step it up ourselves.

To sign up, please contact Bob Hall at Democracy North Carolina: 919-489-1931

Resistance is Fertile

Democracy NC does not support either candidate

Democracy NC does not support either candidate, we are a non partisan organization that is only interested in GOTV in this race. Our GOTV efforts should in no way imply that we support either party or their candidates.

Gray Newman
Chair of the Board
Democracy North Carolina

This whole student assignment

This whole student assignment plan is just silly and an excuse to prevent the poor from an academic emancipation. I thought America was established on the belief of an equal opportunity to succeed?