Wake GOP Commissioners abandon teacher raise request

While continuing their power plays against the School Board:

On April 14, county staff had presented a draft legislative agenda that included the commissioners requesting state legislators to raise teacher pay during the short session. That item is no longer on the legislative agenda that the commissioners are scheduled to vote on today.

One of the items added since the draft agenda is backing a draft bill that would cut back on when public bodies could use construction manager at risk (CMAR) and prequalification of services for construction projects. Last year, contractor Keith Harrod charged that the school system’s use of construction manager at risk was reducing the ability of local companies to get work on projects. Click here for a November article in the Carolina Journal.

That's right, the N&O is linking directly to Art Pope's propaganda machine to provide background for their coverage. I don't have to "click here" to know what they said. "Blah blah Free Market blah blah competition blah blah taxpayers blah blah blah." In reality, without that system in place, cronyism and substandard work become more likely. Sometimes that magic invisible hand goes straight for your wallet.