Walking the Precinct

A reminder today from the AFL-CIO: you live in a precinct, and your efforts to get out the vote will be key to future progressive victories. Contact your Dem County Chair and get involved.

Appearing at an AFL-CIO press conference to unveil its '06 political gameplan, AFSCME President and longtime Dem political strategist Gerald McEntee admitted yesterday afternoon that "progressives learned a hard lesson" in the '04 cycle: relying on paid turnout efforts is a recipe for failure.

Without being asked, McEntee, who also chairs the AFL's political cmte, stated bluntly that the millions of dollars Dems and liberals put into the 527s for GOTV in '04 were ineffective in the face of the GOP's volunteer effort. Or, as McEntee put it, the Dems' "stranger-to-stranger" ground game was "trounced" by the GOP's "neighbor-to-neighbor strategy."

Hotline On Call: Mea Culpa: Unions And Turnout


Our precinct in Chapel Hill

is really well organized. We're breaking down the neighborhoods into small chunks, with volunteers having only 15 houses or so to hit. I can imagine this would be a difficult challenge in red zones around the state.

By the way, we had one of the highest turnouts in history in the 04 cycle.