On the War Path

Following up on efforts in the State Senate to kill Same Day Registration, to screw over people who buy insurance, etc etc; We have reached a new low.

“This proposed budget reflects many of the policies that Senate Republicans have championed,” said Senate Republican Leader Phil Berger (R-Rockingham). “The proposed Senate budget is not perfect by a long shot as there are still a lot of shortcomings to address. I plan to express support for the good parts and continue to work on the many areas of concern.”

That is from the most recent post at NC Republicans Roundtable.

Let me do a little recap for everyone. We have 31 seats in the Senate. THIRTY ONE OUT OF FIFTY!

So far this year the State Senate has taken Progressive causes and spit on them at every turn. So, while the Republicans complain about not being part of the budget process, we hand them everything they could ask for.

I dont like the idea of primarying Democrats, but I swear if they dont stop acting like Republicans and realize that we control the HOUSE, the SENATE and the GOVERNORSHIP I am going to throw a fit.

Im not asking for much. All Im asking is that Democrats start acting like Democrats.

I demand a budget that doesnt screw over working people. I demand Same Day Registration. I demand that our elected officials do some counting of Ds and Rs and remove their heads from their asses.

Its disgusting. If Republicans are going to get all their budget wishes we might as well just put them in charge.



From Under the Dome reporting on the first passage

While the budget proposals by the House, Senate and Gov. Mike Easley spend roughly the same amount of money, the Senate spending plan is the only one to end the temporary taxes, and it also would call for far greater borrowing for capital projects.

Fan freaking tastic. We might as well just ask Tom Delay to take over in the Senate. Cut Taxes, Increase debt, screw over the little people.

What a joke.

Draft Brad Miller-- NC Sen ActBlue

"Keep the Faith"

Keeping on Ranting

I am just going to keep on ranting. I want to stress that im not a pro-primary person, and I think the whole "lets leave the party" movement coming out of the war vote will do more harm than good.

I dont want new Democrats in office and I dont want Republicans in charge instead. I just want us to stand up and fight for the people we are supposed to be representing. If Democrats wont stand up for the poor and oppressed and those without voices then who will? No one. So lets grab a bullhorn.

Draft Brad Miller-- NC Sen ActBlue

"Keep the Faith"

I'm with you 100%

Looks to me like the Senate has been bought, hook, line and sinker. Basnight must be distracted by his restaurant burning down because he sure has hell isn't spending time focused on the people's business.

I highly recommend

reading Laura Leslie's take on the whole thing. It sounds like some of our Senators are working hard and doing the right things, but they arent necessarily getting their way.

Draft Brad Miller-- NC Sen ActBlue

"Keep the Faith"

I Only Had to Read Part of that

We really need some emoticons so you could see the steam coming out of my ears.

See downthread rant.

As an aside, is Laura Leslie related to Bill Leslie?

But First -

On the War Path?

( is Blue South talking about me? )

I have been on my own warpath, Blue. And I agree with you.

State Democrats - I'm calling you out. Be glad duels have been outlawed. You insult us by siding with the enemies of the State.

Don't you folks have WORK to do? Then why aren't you doing it? DEBT? You're increasing NC's debt instead of figuring out ways to lower it?

Are you in collusion with the banking industry as well as the insurance industry? Whoops, I forgot. They are almost the exact same entities these days aren't they?

Now, that said. I know all the State Democrats aren't the problem. Some of them are invigorating and refreshing in their ideas. Why can't we make more of them? Put 'em on the Xerox and hit 'Print'.