Wealth inequality in the US

Anyone paying attention to the news knows there is a great disparity in income and wealth in America. CEO's earn 300 X the salary of their average employee, the minimum wage, if it had kept pace with other factors in our economy should be slightly over $20/hr, and so on. A recent article showed the median American's net worth to be 27th among other nations. As I recall, the figure for Amerians was about $39K while in Australia (number one) the figure was @ $200K. In Canada it's over $80K.

Sometimes all those numbers get jumbled and it's hard to visualize just how bad the situation is.

Here's a link to a brief video that really oulls it all together. You should look at it...and while you're watching, remember that the new NC tax plan is designed to make things even better for the wealthy.



Thinking about Detroit

Salon has a good article this morning that discusses how handouts for corporations and tax cuts for the rich have gotten the city of Detroit in the mess it is now and how the right is trying to shift the blame to a group of city pensioners getting $19K a year.

You can see the same thing playing out in North Carolina.

Remember - it's not just about income inequality between the rich and poor. It's about how that inequality has been created by conservative polices and create a world where you foot the bill and wind up with nothing in return for the public money you're paying in taxes.