Web Based Collaboration Tools

Everyone knows how hard it is to get everyone together for a meeting or played phone tag for days with a person to get a answer to a question. Using the Web based collaborative tools can cut down on the need for meetings and streamline the process of getting things done. Gina Trapani, the editor of Lifehacker web site writes in a MacWorld Article The Portable Office: Work Anywhere, on the tools and processes her team uses to publish the web site. Best of all most of the tools are free.

If you find yourself emailing out documents to numerous people for review, do yourself a favor and get a Google Docs account and learn how to share your documents. By setting up sharing to allow others to edit or comment on your document it will stop the pain of emailing out a document for comment, getting back comments in the attachment or comments in the email body, collating and adding the comments to the master document, sending the revised document back out for comment and repeating the process till you just give up.


Google Docs are a lifesaver

It's not just word processing that you can share, either - there is a spreadsheet, too. I've started using it at work to share numbers with my partners in other counties. It makes collaboration a lot easier.

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