What are you reading?

Please share a quote or passage from whatever you're reading.

Right and wrong? Right is what we desire, and wrong is what our neighbors desire. That is a very simple principle that facilitates both life and statesmanship and that in my opinion differs little from the teaching of the gods in the plains. As I understand it, these gods hold that to be right which the wealthy desire and that wrong which the poor desire.

The Egyptian

This is from a book given to me by a Finnish house guest, a young man here on a Fulbright. Written in 1945.


Reading *1215: The Year of the Magna Carta*

by Danny Danziger and John Gillingham. The quote:

"No free man shall be taken or imprisoned or deprived or outlawed or exiled or in any way ruines, nor will we go or send against him, except by the lawful judgment of his peers or by the law of the land. To no one will we sell, to no one will we deny or delay right or justice."


Game Change

Not so lofty, but damned entertaining

Je vous assure, Hastings--there is nothing so dangerous for any one who has something to hide as conversation! Speech, so a wise old Frenchman said to me once, is an invention of man's to prevent him from thinking. It is also an infallible means of discovering that which he wishes to hide. A human being, Hastings, cannot resist the opportunity to reveal himself and express his personality which conversation gives him. Every time he will give himself away.

Hercule Poirot, from The A.B.C. Murders

Dame Agatha Christie, 1935