What to expect on your March 15 Primary ballot

Everything but the Congressional races:

The legislature passed a companion bill — signed into law by Gov. Pat McCrory on Tuesday — that set June 7 as the new congressional primary date, with the candidate filing period March 16-25.

The March 15 primary election will otherwise go as planned, with races for president, governor, U.S. Senate, the legislature and county positions still in place. A $2 billion statewide bond referendum is also on the ballot. Your votes may be even more valuable to candidates because the updated election schedule law eliminated all primary runoffs in 2016.

As most of you are aware, there are now going to be two Primaries. But for Democrats anyway, the first (March) Primary is a "don't miss." There won't be a runoff, so whatever local or state nominations being contested by multiple Dem candidates will be decided on March 15, whether the winner hits 40% or not. For you Unaffiliated voters, this is two separate elections. If you choose to vote a Democratic ballot in March, you won't be locked in. You can choose Republican in June, if you so desire. However, the March ballot is not going to change to remove US House races, but fill 'em out anyway:

Choices picked for congressional races on March primary ballots won't be counted and will remain confidential. But the State Board of Elections advises voters to fill out their entire ballots. Some areas lack congressional primaries and officials don't want confused voters to leave blank contests for the state House or U.S. Senate instead.

There are other issues which may affect the 2016 Election season, such as a new candidate filing period for the NC Supreme Court seat held by Robert Edmunds. Nobody filed late last year because the idiots running our state General Assembly tried some seriously unconstitutional bullshit and got caught. The powers that be (whoever you are) need to be recruiting Dem challenger(s), with the quickness, to run against him in November. As soon as that particular filing period is posted, we'll publish it here.



A little crowdsourcing, please

I started to make some observations in the diary above about local races, but then I realized there are so many different ballots in play, I didn't want to confuse readers. For instance, my particular ballot (Alamance County) doesn't have any County Commissioner candidates on it, but yours might. I know for a fact there are at least two (local) Republicans running for their nomination, and I'm sure there are some Dems out there in other voting precincts butting heads.

If there are races like these on your ballot and you'd like to toss in your two cents, please feel free to do so. As we all know, just being a Democrat doesn't guarantee a thoughtful elected official, and county commissions are pretty dang important where progress is concerned. Get it wrong, and no matter how much other local stuff is done right, your hands might be tied.

The surest way to find your ballot...

The best way to find your ballot is to look up your voter registration and see what they have listed.
Go to https://enr.ncsbe.gov/voter_search_public/
enter your last name, first name and county.

Once you get to your registration, there should be a link to your ballot(s). Ds, Ls and Rs have a primary ballot. Una voters get to choose.
If you have a primary for US Congress on your ballot it no longer counts in March -- vote it anyway. There will be a separate ballot in June for congress.

Does that help or have I completely misunderstood what you were asking?

Person county has a 4 way race for register of deeds on the D ballot.
No Rs are running so unless a Una gathers the signatures needed, this will be the election for register of deeds.
Two of the candidates have experience in the job. One wants to modernize the office and the other wants to regress (? is that the opposite of modernize) the office. Of the two candidates with no prior experience, one (a lawyer) wants to turn the office into a gallery for his photography and the other (diverse work experience: office mgr, some school-related position, also a minister) wants to make all the citizens feel welcome ... or something like that. We just need to turn out the serious D voters.

I just went to my county boe site

to look at my ballot. Before running for local office, I don't think I ever went there, I just relied on the state boe website. But you're right, that (NC) page is the best place for most people to start. Every county takes a different approach to voter information.

Everybody should review their own particular ballot before heading out to vote. That goes for the Primary and General elections. It seems like there's always something I wasn't expecting and hadn't researched (school boards, register of deeds). And later in the General Election, the non-partisan races can get you.

My county IT can be a little slow to fix issues

My county IT can be a little slow to fix issues. They don't always play well with non-IE browsers. So if I need info fast I go to the state site. The county gets it from the state anyway.

Another fun fact: a voter can mark a sample ballot and carry it with them to vote -- just copy from sample to the real ballot. I tend to get a little flustered so it's amazingly helpful. Do not leave your sample ballot lying around - that's electioneering and not allowed. You can hand it off if someone requests it though.

I am horrified that there will be 2 primaries

What I didn't realize until I went to the 2 hr training for election judges on the new Photo ID Law is what an extra layer of work it will be on an already grueling 14 hr day. Now that is times two.

How much is that going to cost taxpayers to do a second primary? How many will bother to show up to vote on June 7th?

Good questions

I just saw a post by Pete Glidewell lamenting the probable extremely low turnout for the Congressional Primary. He's running against two other Dems in the 6th District Primary (to unseat Mark "we should bomb Mexico" Walker), but I guess that number could change since they're reopening filing in April(?).

I probably shouldn't have given preference to the March Primary in my comments above. They are both "don't miss."

I'm in the 6th.

I've met Pete. One of his primary opponents - Roberts - is now in the 5th and will run there. The other - Davis - didn't live in the 6th and still doesn't and we don't know if he will file for June or not. Then, of course, others might step up to file. Wheeeeee. These Repubs sure keep chaos alive.

The counties pay for the elections.

The counties pay for the elections. What? You had other plans for your property taxes? These unfunded mandates take priority -- just remind everyone that if the Rs had done their job the first time, then we would not have all these extra elections.
That's why they nixed the run-offs -- they're claiming that the counties should have budgeted for a run-off and that is where the money for the June primary is coming from.