For what it's worth

Here is my letter to my senators and representative (Holding) regarding the ACA. I don't pretend to think it will do any good, but at least maybe they will know that they are being held accountable for their role. Or maybe the effort will make me feel a little better.

Senator Burr
Senator Tillis
Representative Holding

I would like to urge you to vote no to any bill that repeals the Affordable Care Act. While this law is not perfect it has had a positive effect for our nation. We are at a point where the insured rate is the highest in history. To see the loss of gains made since the law was implemented would be a huge setback for our citizens.

I fear that with repeal we could see a destabilization of the insurance markets that will lead to much higher health care and insurance costs. I am also concerned about the financial stability of our hospitals, especially our rural hospitals like the two in my county (Harnett) that operate on very thin margins. There could well be a profound negative effect on our economy.

While economic issues are a great concern please remember that this is also a truly life and death matter. Without insurance people will delay treatment or not get it at all. Early treatment can mean the difference between living and dying for those with cardiac issues, cancer, and diabetes.

I would like to share three examples that I hope will drive home the severity of the problem should repeal take place. The first involves a friend that because of pre-existing conditions had been unable to secure health insurance for approximately twenty years prior to the implementation of the ACA. His health suffered greatly, but now, because of the ACA, he is covered and receives much needed care for his medical issues. The second example involves a relative that could not afford insurance until she reluctantly ( she is very opposed to President Obama and the policies of the Democratic Party) visited the exchange. There she discovered that with the tax credits that reduce the upfront costs of monthly premiums she could afford a policy. Soon afterward she was diagnosed with cancer and is currently being treated. Finally I would like to note that my daughter will be graduating from East Carolina University this summer. While this is a great accomplishment and I am extremely proud I also have concerns. Will she be able to quickly secure a job in her field? Even if she does will her entry level employment include employer provided health insurance? If the answer is no to either of these questions I would like to have the option to include her on my employer provided policy.

I will conclude by urging you to set aside partisan considerations and think of the good of all the citizens you represent. Repeal might sound good on the campaign trail but the reality is that it will have a devastating effect on the well being of those you represent. Please be a statesman and do the right thing.



Burr's mail box isn't full,

Burr's mail box isn't full, so message left. Tillis 202 224 6342 is full. Holding @ 202 225 3032 is full but his Raleigh office 919 782 4400 mail box isn't full. What are the odds their staffs are keeping a running tally and at least letting the boss know?

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Letters are good but they take forever...

Due to the anthrax mess, letters have to go through a lot of extra scrutiny - so write the letter, sign it and FAX it to their office. Also, CALL CALL CALL. And tell them to check their fax machine.

Actually I sent the letters

Actually I sent the letters via their websites, so they got them right away. Did they read them? I doubt it. I will call as well.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

I got an email from Tillis

I got an email from Tillis today. He said no.

I'm a moderate Democrat.