What this is truly about

This doesn't really qualify as a diary. It is just a friendly reminder for everyone on the weekend about what these campaigns are truly about. After all the back and forth and commercials and attacks and defenses, this is about this little girl, and what kind of future we will leave for her.

Photo Credit to Paulette Hill.


I wish the majority of people already in office thought so....

but it's clear most of them have forgotten ... or never believed it anyway.

I've purposefully stayed out of the back and forth on the senate race. Sadly, after numerous experiences, I've come to believe that being elected to office transforms people into that which they said they would never become.

John Edwards, Larry Kissell, and several others I could name all of a sudden are no longer the people I first encountered.

I still hope for the best...but I'm not so sure anymore that what we see is what we get. No offense to Cal. Really. I'm just saying I don't see good things happening in Washington...or in Raleigh...and there are many people we voters have been passionate about...only to ask later "what happened?"

How in hell, for example, can anyone in the State Legislature continue to fund UNC $10 Million yearly to pay tuitions for out of state athletes? How can UNCW hire a new B'Ball coach and pay him $400K plus? How can Wilmington give $4.2 million of tax monies to a private company to incentivize them to come here and destroy our environment?

Just sayin....it's all bullshit...and except for a very few folks (ala Brad Miller) it's all been a big lie.

Stan Bozarth

A thousand words

I'm Cal's campaign manager, and I've never posted here until now. I have to comment on this picture, however.

Sometimes, we think of a picture as being great because its unique or unusual. To the contrary, this picture is great because of how usual it is. Now, its not to say that all the folks we meet are as cute as Kayla (that's obviously not possible), but the look of hope and excitement and the connection that Cal makes with the people of North Carolina is something we see frequently. If a picture is worth a thousand words, this one sums up our campaign better then any number of speeches or email blasts or press releases ever could. Its about the future, its about listening to what North Carolinians of every age, gender, race and persuasion have to say and bringing them into our campaign. Its about this picture.

Its remarkable to find a picture that so completely sums up what I've been seeing for all these weeks and months on the campaign trail--I'm so glad Paulette could capture it.

Please vote for Cal on Tuesday.

Rick Fromberg

Thanks for introducing yourself

It is indeed a powerful picture.

This is one of the things your campaign has really mastered ... the art of elegant communications. Well done all around.

Campaign stunts?

"Paulette Hill Big thanks to Cheryl Carter-Ellis for all her hard work on the Cunningham campaign, and for bringing her beautiful daughter to Cal's event today."

"Paulette Hill BIG THANKS to Cal Cunningham surrogate Cheryl Carter-Ellis who attended the Compassionate Baptist Church Candidate Forum today! You are the best"

I guess my point is: yes this is a gorgeous picture. For me, it's an example of a great photo opportunity with a vigorous campaign suppoter of Cal's vs. someone who just happened to be at the State Farmer's Market.


Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed the picture.

"Keep the Faith"

Your point is not only

Your point is not only ridiculous but baseless. My WIFE is a community. She is helping Cal Cunningham get elected. She and my daughter didn't "just happen" to be there!

A great photo-op, yes. However, there was nothing contrieved about it!

Just to be clear

I think that we have become so cynical that we sometimes cannot accept something for its sheer beauty and magic. My daughter, Kayla, wanted to see Cal Cunningham because she liked how his name sounded like "California". I thought that she might see him from a distance; I never imagined that she would actually have a moment and conversation with him. She just beamed afterwards talking about how he touched her hand. Kudos to Cal for taking a moment to recognize a young child and his unique ability to connect with her. Sometimes it's nice to view situations through the eyes of a child and not that of a cynic.

Thanks, Cheryl

And please tell Kayla that, since we have her picture captured on the pages of BlueNC, she is now a bonafide member of our community (as is her mom), and she should feel free to post her thoughts here.

I daresay she would probably make more sense than some who post here, bless 'em. :)