What We Are Fighting Against, Part II (Art Pope Edition)

Oh, it must be good to be the party of the rich. This N&O article on Art Pope says that his family will be spending close to $100,000 a week on Art's network of conservative "think" tanks and policy groups.

What is Pope up to? An Easley aide puts it mildly:

I really do think the John Locke Foundation and the Pope orbit has contributed a lot and has a big role in challenging liberal and Democratic dogma. On the other hand, there is also a petty partisan side. They are involved in advocacy research. They do sometimes turn into Republican cheerleaders and apologists, and that undermines their larger intellectual mission.

Can I rewrite that last sentence? Ok, thanks: They do sometimes turn into Republican cheerleaders and apologists, and that undermines gives the lie to their larger supposed intellectual mission.


Ah, Mike.

Can't you just once in your life call it straight? Just what exactly has Art Pope contributed . . . and how in hell can you call it "a lot?" I know Art bought little Ricky Martinez for next to nothing and gave him as a present to the N&O . . . is that what you mean by "contributed a lot?"


PS Art Pope is the quintessential example of what I mean by WORM . . . White Old Rich Man.

Expose at the Masion doorsteps?

It has not been a good week for Art and the boys in the PR
image business! He got
bitch slap by " Madame Justice" at the first of the week,
not counting you folks staying on his case for the past
month or so. Now the evil Pope rope a dope empire gets wack big time again in their own backyard! I can assure you the whole staff
of the empire is glue 24/7 reading this site and wetting in
their rich boy pants. Hi Art! Did you know your mexican
grass cutter added to the story? Great pic of you standing
in front of the masion doors with your slavemaster black
briefcase. Where is the black Jessee Helms whip Dude?

$Art Pope$: Our best hope in Dixie

hey guys,

dont pick on poor Art, he is one of our best, other than the Koch boys!

Wait, Seriously?

PBR (and you do get credit for choosing a name that is abbreviated "PBR"), if you're serious, let's hear the thoughts behind that conclusion. What's so great about these guys -- just that they're rich as all hell? PBR, you've got some 'splainin to do.

No way PBR is serious . . .

unless he's the twin brother of little Ricky Martinez and is on the Pope-a-dope payroll.