Where do your charitable contributions go?

An editorial today in the Wilmington Star News on charitable giving and where the monies actually go. Stunning to learn that often less than 10% goes to the intended recipients. Kudo's to Elaine Marshall for doing the report. Read it and weep.


Thanks, Stan

The next time I get one of those creepy calls saying, "I'm calling for the Whatever County Sheriff's Department," I'll feel better about hanging up on them.

Do your homework, but don't write off the sector

While it is certainly outrageous that external fundraising companies are taking so much of the money raised by nonprofits using their services, it's important to note that most nonprofits don't use these services.

In fact, the vast majority hew to Better Business Bureau standards, which keep fundraising and administrative costs under 30% of the organizations budget, and most are even less than that.

And while there may be some overpaid non-profit executives, they're few and far between. Most nonprofit leaders are making significant financial sacrifices to do work that improves people's lives, and could easily make more managing comparably-sized for-profit organizations.

If you want to check out how a charity you care about is spending it's money, look it up at http://www.guidestar.org, where you can see it's official filings with the IRS. It's worth doing your homework on groups you want to support, but don't let news stories like this make you think the whole sector is crooked.

Not suggesting any such thing...

but it's nice to see where the monies often go. We've been pestered to near insanity with telephone calls from the NC FFA (firefighters)...and It's enlightening to know they get close to zilch from what is given.

Stan Bozarth

I would suggest giving to

I would suggest giving to local charities so you can see for yourself where the money is going. S.A.F.E. for instance gets abused women and children away from their abuser, the local food bank, and your church or other spiritual source are always good. If someone calls me on the phone I just say no, or at best send me something in the mail and I will consider it.

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