In Which Rep. Mark Walker Quacks Up.

Rep Mark Walker (NC-6) made a splash on Twitter this morning. It seems duck ramps were installed at the Capitol Reflecting Pool in DC. The Winston-Salem Journal reports:

You see, four families of mallard ducks call the Capitol Reflecting Pool home. The little ones can find it difficult to get in and out of the pool due to the broad, gently sloped limestone coping, Erin Courtney, a spokeswoman for the architect's office, said in a blog post Monday.

The architect's office worked on the duckling access issue with City Wildlife, a not-for-profit group that rescues and rehabilitates sick, orphaned and injured wild animals in Washington.....

They came up with a design and M. Lee Dennis, maintenance mechanic supervisor for Capitol Grounds, built two ramps....

Rep Walker was not amused. He tweeted:

If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it must be government waste.

I don't believe he realized the appeal of baby ducks going up and down a ramp.

Americans on Twitter reacted the way all Americans react when challenged to prove their creativity and wit with a limitation of 140 characters.

Aide: We need something to set you apart from all the other politicians
Mark Walker: What if I'm the guy who hates ducks?

If we cut the ducks' capital gains tax rate, they could invest and build their own Ramps.

Thank you to North Carolina's Mark Walker, who is focused like a laser on what truly matters in U.S. politics today.

Donald Trump has made 21 trips to the golf course in 16 weeks and this dumbass is talking about government waste.

How many of these things would equate to one day of Melanie staying in NYC?

Rep. Mark Walker, NC-6, voted to uninsure 24 million people on May 4, 2017.

Finally, a politician that has the balls to stand up to the Big Government Duck Lobbyists. thank you, Mark Walker.

I agree. Rep Mark Walker should just spend his day at that spot and help the ducks into the water. It would be a much better use of his time



Mark Walker (R-NC) hates ducks!

Duck Ramps Appear at U.S. Capitol, but Not Everyone Is Pleased. Get a life Rep. Mark Walker

It looks like a dick, walks like dick, it must be Mark Walker. Sort your priorities out.

I think Mark Walker's pay is a misuse of funds... How bou' dat! LOL

Srrrsly. If only we can get some Rep Mark Walker ramps—help him on his way out the swamp.

And finally, in the spirit of HB 330, which would allow drivers to run over protesters who are blocking the road:

Rep Mark Walker read "Make Way For Ducklings" to his kids and wondered aloud why no one just ran the ducks over for obstructing traffic

Somebody is all wet.




Thanks for posting this, some of those responses are hilarious. That capital gains thing is comedy gold...