White privilege got you down?

Read this and let's talk about it.



I agree with the author 100%

Simply not being racist is not enough, white people need to send a message to racist whites that they are wrong. I just did this less than a week ago to my neighbor, who was in the early stages of a racist joke: "Let me stop you right there, because I don't want to hear that racist shit. I'm from the South and I've heard it all my life, but I won't put up with it anymore." He kinda hem-hawed around a little, said he wasn't really a racist either but it was a funny joke, and I said, "You can't have both, make a choice."

Unfortunately, I'm seeing another movement by some on the left who love to criticize fellow Liberals for this, that, or the other. They view many whites who choose to be allies with African-Americans as doing so for selfish reasons (to make themselves look better), or they accuse them of "stealing" or "drowning out" black voices. It's not a coincidence that many of these critics are also anti-establishment "Progressives" who want to get rid of 99% of currently elected Democrats. Do something good, and they will find a reason to hate you for it. Infuriating.

I have a number of good friends who are black women.

They are also mothers. The stories they tell me about how their children have been treated in our society ... and in our schools in particular ... are beyond anything I've ever heard. I am encouraging them to use the courts to find justice It'll be a long and expensive road, but I intend to support them.

If we don't get this right, sooner or later will will find ourselves in the middle of a global race war.

More white privilege

Steve. Maybe we should a special standing feature for this stuff when we get our new site designed? What's the timing on that?

Not sure about the timing,

other than the fact that time is in relatively short supply. I'll see if I can get an update, but that would be a great regular feature. Anecdotal evidence may not be statistically relevant, but the human factor is something that should never be ignored in favor of hard data.

I saw the movie "I Am Not Your Negro" tonight

shown at the YWCA in a group setting. I think Amazon Prime is airing it as well.

The discussion afterward came around to the point of Anti-racisism, too. Interesting, we are going to have further discussions on the subject. Maybe we can dovetail some ideas.