Why won't the DSCC support Elaine Marshall?

Why won't the DSCC support Elaine Marshall for U.S. Senate? Things have changed a lot here in NC since she last ran for national office in 2002. Who would have guessed that "Blue NC" would be true? That a black community organizer with the middle name ... would win in North Carolina? Or that our governor and one of our senators would be a woman?

Elaine is a terrific speaker, smart as they come, warm, funny, and much more in touch with the Democratic pulse. She's well known in the grassroots community, which will do major legwork to get people to the polls. Her experience as Secretary of State should help attract moderate Republicans (both of them) and many unaffiliated voters.

I don't want to have to pick between Burr and Burr Lite next November.


Ah glasshoppah

The DSCC knows better than you what's good for North Carolina.

: )

But who knows, they might just get behind her if they can't find a white guy. No offense to white guys, of course, I am one. I just don't think our collective record on making the world a better place is all that great.

elaine marshall for US Senate

yes sexism is alive tho not well but still hanging on by its toenails. It is the end of a millenium. Can't come fast enough. Wymn - it is our turn the next 2000 years

Probably because she isn't an

Probably because she isn't an exciting candidate, she isn't a formidable fundraiser, etc. etc.

She is a good Democrat but until she wins the nomination... we'll see.

elaine's candidacy

Elaine is a VERY exciting candidate who would spin circles around you. Obviously you don't know anything about her or you have never been in her presence.

Two possibilities ...

Many dem activists in NC felt that the DSCC overplayed their hand in supporting Kay Hagan in 2008, and they are looking to be more careful with their early support.

The other notion I had is that Ken Lewis is African-American, and the DSCC might not want to risk alienating the AA voting block that turned out so well for Obama.

I had the chance to see both candidates in Raleigh last month at an inpromptu forum. Both were sharp, smart and engaging. Marshall, with her handson experience in state government, was more specific in some of her answers. She impressed me, and I believe she would make a worthy challenger to Burr.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Why won't the DSCC support anybody

I don't think the DSCC is "supporting" or "not supporting"anybody right now.

If she comes recommended by the US Chamber of Commerce,

or other corporate stiffs, she won't be getting any primary support from me. We already have a whole US Senate full of 'recommended corporate' types. They don't usually have much time for "people problems".

they ought not to be

But they still seem to be. The DSCC seems to be both willing and able to choose our nominee for us. I'm sure disappointed Cal supporters can attest to this.

We currently have two excellent candidates, and the DSCC and NCDP ought not to be involved in primary contests.

Just to be clear

The DSCC very rarely gets involved in primaries. The only time I can think of the senate committee endorsing in during a competitive primary was in Ohio a few cycles ago and never in North Carolina. Now, there are other ways of moving things around outside of an official endorsement, but as far as I can see the committee hasn't really done much of that in NC either. I'm not sure what all the hubub is about, really.

From what I heard,

The DSCC recruited Kay really, really hard ... and did a lot to help her. But maybe that's all just urban myth. Ask Jim Neal about that.

i should say

that there isn't much of a history of the committee doing a lot while there's a competitive primary. The powers that be, whether in Raleigh or Washington, always have a favorite and always try to throw weight around. But my point was that any kind of endorsement of formal assistance before the primary is very out of the ordinary behavior for that organization.

Although all the unattributed DSCC quotes I've seen in the papers might make me eat those words, James.

Eating words

My favorite meal!

Hope you are well. Good to see you out tonight.

support for Elaine needed

Emily's List really needs to get on top of this and support Elaine