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Who else here has thought it would be brilliant to have a Wiki that we could amass our knowledge of North Carolina Politics? Anyone? Okay, maybe it really is just me...

Anyways, thanks to Wikia's brilliant 'ScratchPad' setup, we can have a Wiki all our own, without having to figure out how to build and maintain a wiki on personal servers, etc...

Check out the North Carolian Politics wiki at North Carolina Politics.

I'd appreciate any assistance that would be offered, especially for the counties that I have no knowledge of ... (here's a hint, there's 99 of them!) :)


Thomas, that is great!

Maybe we can just take some of the information from the profiles we're writing and use that to fill out the counties. I've never seen that. How in the world did you find it?

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Hours and hours of searching....

Actually, I've been tinkering with the idea of a Wiki for a while...

We're not restricted to the Counties pages, that's just where I started...

We can create pages for practically EVERYTHING and link them to the appropriate pages...

I'm not an 'expert' on the wiki stuff, but it's not rocket surgery...:)

Thomas S. Brock


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We tried one

Earlier when we had fewer readers. It did not realy take off, as mos the effort went into the front-page. I think this should be put in the after November column.

They're also quite handy

For working on common documents like resolutions, policy statements, letters to Congress, all that jazz. Saves one the trouble of those pesky back and forth group emails.


PB Wiki is also a good find.

I'd happily work on this project after November, if you need some hands.

Check out

 ...this page--you might find some further inspiration there.  Techsoup is a great little site for keeping up with nifty tech tools and such, quite a number of them freeware and open source.  Wiki's are a blast!